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Ladies & Gentlemen, boys and girls; Enjoyed the return of your favorite male entertainers making one last show for you?

Hope you did, because I want to know about your experience within those four walls of the movie theater. Yet, it's only fair that I offer an opinion too; I'm guilty of watching this R-rated film last night, actually.

For those of you who may or may not have seen the movie:

This was both a funny and highly attractive film to watch if you're into these talented men throwing off their shirts, ripping off their pants and performing their sexual intoxicating dances for you. Although there needed to be a more clear plot towards the beginning; the pace began to quicken once the journey had begun with this group.

The comedy was truly humorous and was definitely funny where it needed to be, I just couldn't stop giggling and laughing from all the jokes thrown into the scenes to brighten the mood. I have to give to the production crew for their Camera angling, lighting and scenery, they really displayed the more upbeat and attractive parts of Miami, Orlando & Jacksonville; so you should stop by and come visit us here at the sunshine state for the rest of the summer or even Spring Break!

Now, enough of the PG-rated opinion, you came here to read about the juicy R-rated details about how these male entertainers had entertained all of us last night.

For all those dancers out there, the choreography was just like liquid; fluid and running through in a swift motion of tightened muscles. For example, Channing Tatum's intense and quickened motions of imaginary love-making was simply a breeze to the audiences' eyes but for others, a lot of tightened muscles, concentrations and practice were really what put the icing on his cake. The mirrored performance was definitely the most difficult portion of the choreography, having to mirror the exact movements as your partner, simply on point. Those sleeveless shirts, adorning his perfectly toned arms while letting his pants give you nothing to the imagination.

Yet, Joe Manganiello, being a well built man himself, really knew how to make sure that your internal fantasies came true with a bit of a theme song or two that simply suited the mood of arousal and temptation. If you want a little bit of "Mr.Grey heaven" of a "dominant & submissive" performance with a little of a foreplay then he is the man to satisfy your need for that show.

Even Matt Bomer, voice as sweet and seductively sexy as a succubus, had a powerful performance when his voice came out those pants came off. Adam Rodriguez, aka Tito, really had a lot of deliciously seductive spunk when it came to showing off how delicious a woman's body is to a man when the air is heated with desirable temptation. Tarzan, aka Kevin Nash, was a giant man with a giant heart but a meaningful performance of artwork on display as he visually painted his attractive muse with a desirable flare of glittery goodness.

I had to give this film an 9 (was thinking about an 8.5) since, it's true that the performances were short, intoxicating, teasing and leaving the audience, such as myself, begging for more of a show; just missed having Gabriel Iglesias bringing in all the comedy gold. Everyone may have a different opinion on this and it's completely fine and understandable yet I didn't really feel that this film could actual be titled as an R-rated film since there wasn't any "upper-leveled" or truly inappropriate scenes to be given that label but yes, there was a little of male nudity but censored in the proper places.

Sadly, it's to be expected since it IS about a group of male entertainers putting a quick but dangerously meaningful performance for the audience to enjoy. Even I was fumbling around in my chair from how heated the atmosphere of the theater became from these men showering themselves upon us; performing the dance of female worship, satisfaction and love-making.

Conclusively, once the group was stripped down to the tightly enclosed thongs that TRULY left you with nothing towards the downstairs imaginations. All I have to say is, these men can DEFINITELY give your boyfriends a run for their money ladies and vice-versa.


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