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Phase 2 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe coming to a close in a couple of days, and so much can already be said about the future of MCU.

Young Avengers

We all know that there have been new heroes coming in and old heroes leaving. The New Avengers end credit scene, as well as future heroes Doctor Strange, Captain Marvel, Black Panther, Ant-Man, etc. is a sign that the current Avengers are done with their fighting and are close to retiring, and it looks like we might get some young replacements. Here are some ways that the MCU can fit the Young Avengers in.

Cassie Lang

If you didn't already know, Cassie Lang will be in Antman, and this pretty much explains that the Young Avengers will most likely happen. In the comics, Antman's death is the main reason she joined the team. This could possibly happen in the movies, since we will be seeing a lot of deaths in Phase 3, because not everyone will survive Civil War or Infinity War.

Cassandra Lang is played by Abby Ryder Fortson in Ant-Man

Harley Keener

Nathaniel Richards is the father of Reed Richards, the one who formed the Young Avengers. Since movies sometimes don't go like the comics, he could actually still form the Avengers, but instead be Harley Keener, the kid from Iron Man 3.

His appearance in the movie actually made some fans think he was a superhero-Nova, Starlord and the new Iron Man for Iron Man 4- and so far I think he could only be Iron Lad. He might return for another movie in the MCU, and maybe get inspired to form the new Avengers team.

Harley Keener is played by Jurassic World actor Ty Simpkins in Iron Man 3

William and Thomas Maximoff

Twin brothers and children of Scarlet Witch and The Vision. Now, this is highly possible. Scarlet Witch and Vision can't physically have children so Scarlet Witch uses her reality warping powers to create the two twins. That probably won't happen in the movie, and they might adopt the twins,and she gives them the powers. Or maybe Hydra experimented on them like they did with Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver, but they escaped. Fitting the two might be a little harder than the other's unless Scarlet Witch gains the power to reality warp in future movies.

Theodore "Teddy" Altman

Its actually pretty easy to add Dorrek VIII into the MCU, because the Kree appears in the movie. He could possibly appear in Captain Marvel or Guardians of the Galaxy 2.

Kate Bishop

Hawkeye has a family in Age of Ultron, including a daughter who bonds well with Natasha. I don't know the little girls name, age or actress, but there is a possibility that it's Kate Barton, and her moms-played by Linda Cardellini- original last name is Bishop.

"These are...small agents" - Tony Stark in Age of Ultron

Elijah Bradley

Honestly, I'd love him to appear as a son of Falcon, best friend of Captain America. He could be injected with the super soldier serum by Hydra, because I doubt Hydra will get defeated in Phase 3, making Hydra the villain of the movie. Of course, there's a chance that X'iv or the Kree will be a villain.

There could be other characters like Miss America or Noh-Varr, but this is who I see appearing in the movie if there is one


So would you want to see a Young Avengers movie in the MCU?


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