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In a recent article from Ubisoft's Ubiblog, Anne Lewis gave us a run-down on everything we can expect from the varying factions in Tom Clancy's The Division. She discusses the Rikers, the Cleaners, the Joint Task Force, the Civilians and of course, the Division. A lot of the article is a description of what we've heard Ubiosft discuss already, or demonstrate in their gameplay trailers.

However, there is one aspect of the game that we don't know that much about: the civilian populace left behind. We received an early cinematic trailer for The Division, in which a member of the task force protects a civilian from an attacking gang. He saves the man in an intense firefight and it seems that it actually had some relevance in terms of what interactions we'll be having with civilians.

The Division
The Division

Tom Clancy's the Division - Gameplay News on New York's Civilians

New York has been engulfed in complete madness, and there are countless civilians that remain trapped amongst the chaos. But rather than just random NPCs without a function, these individuals bring life to the city in interesting ways. You have control over your actions in The Division. You can choose to continuously raid the populace, or help them along by clearing out the areas they survive in.

They also reflect the job you’re doing. Have you successfully cleared all threats out of an area? Is the city returning to order? You’ll be able to tell in part because of how the civilians react to you. You can actually see a noticeable difference in their behaviour when you’ve done your job right.

Tom Clancy's the Division
Tom Clancy's the Division

What Kind of Division Member Will You Be on Release Date?

At the outset, all of the citizens will treat you with fear and suspicion - they don't understand your intentions. However, should you liberate a number of areas from a variety of threats, they'll begin to treat you as an ally of the city. You'll be recognised everywhere you go for your actions and its just one element of The Division for us all to look forward to!

What kind of a member will you be on the release date of [Tom Clancy's The Division](tag:2684169)? Are you going to be the traitor that we saw in this year's E3 demo? Will you be working with friends to liberate the city? Let us know what you're most excited for in the comments below!

The Division
The Division

A list of awesome features upcoming on the release date of The Division for PC, XBOX One and PS4:

  • A continuous blend of PvP and PvE
  • A worthy skill tree for true RPG fans
  • A dynamic character creation system
  • Be what you want to be with no restrictive class systems in place
  • Paragon and Renegade points affect how people and enemies respond to you


What will you be picking up The Division on?


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