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Netflix has rolled out a pay-as-you-go card in the UK, which allows potential streamers to use the service without needing their credit or debit cards.

Earlier this week, Netflix Inc. introduced its Netflix Card, which functions as a top-up "pay-as-you-go" card, allowing customers to browse via content and subscribe to the chosen service without any requirement of debit or credit cards. Presently, the United Kingdom has been selected as the only location to test the new payment method by the company.

The Card helps customers to subscribe to services by buying it from the retailers like iTunes, Amazon, Asda, PC World, Google Play, and Currys to provide help in gaining credit for the company’s service. The "pay-as-you-go" is available for £15, £25, and £50 depending on how much credit user need, which can be utilize to stream online media on any of the 3 levels offered by the streaming giant, SD, HD, and 4K.

The services put on current user accounts of Netflix and also to those looking forward to sign up for the service. With a code on the back of the top-up card, users need to sign up and just match the code existing onto company’s website and then avail the services. If it proves to be successful in its first test run, Netflix might launch the card to many more territories where it is targeting to enter and get more users.

In regions like India, and in some African nations, users already desire using top-up cards for items like cellular service, and the step to provide services to such users is expected to be more successful. In less income nations, where bank card services are not used frequently, the plan to launch "pay-as-you-go" card might not help the company’s target of expanding and reaching its global users.

The latest version of payment will help consumers to utilize the company’s platform to determine and watch original content without the requirement of PayPal account or any other bank cards. However, the card permits users to watch the content they like.

Users can search via Netflix packages and pick to select those matching with their balance in Card. Renewal of the card is also possible for such users who prefer to utilize the gift cards on their streaming services sign up through their debit or credit cards.

Netflix has promised that together with its UK retail stores availability, it might be expanding its services to other territories in the coming time period. Netflix Inc. step to launch this new venture in United Kingdom, imitate its activities in United States, and it has been according to the streaming giant’s goal to gain more users to its online platform.


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