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Baldwin Collins

Actor Gerard butler's new movie 'London has fallen' is under attack, not by terrorists but by the chairman philip nelson who represents the Tavistock square memorial trust, a organisation set-up to Honour the memories of the Victims of 7/7 Terrorist attacks. the trailer in cinema's now, has sparked out rage by him, calling the film insensitive.

The films promotion is only days away from the 10th anniversary of the real life london Bombings July 7, 2005. a very unfortunate day during the morning rush hour, a terror attack on underground trains, a double-decker bus, bringing the casualty numbers of over 700 and 52 civilians killed. it was the worst Terrorist Attack since the (1988) Lockerbie bombings.

However this sequel is following in the trend of the first movie, 'Olympus has fallen' (2013) which depicts a north korean led Guerrilla attack on the white house, This sequel has the original lead cast members from olympus reprise they're roles, 'London has fallen ' has a release date for january 22, 2016.

What do you think, do you believe 'london has fallen's trailer is insensitive to the victims of 7/7 ?


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