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Adventuring out-words
Christina Nguyen

Can I just have a moment to unleash my frustration about the Pretty Little Liars series?!?

It is the most emotionally abusive relationship any person can have with at television show. I do not know how many times I've said "Can it just end already?" every season, matched only be the countless times I've asked, "Wait who is that again?" The show really knows how to string an audience along with their answers-but-not-really-answers provided to us after every promise of a resolution. It is like they are offering sweet candy to their trusting friend and then just shoving it into their mouth. But we keep coming back for the candy we will never get to taste.

This show is giving me immense trust issues!!!

The world of Rosewood has become such a augmented version of reality where the police would rather flirt with teenage girls than catch any tormentors of said teenage girls, a serial sadist and psycho can just stalk four girls for years without any progression of their identity (seriously, this entire series could be solved in one episode of CASTLE), and high-schoolers can still graduate while all their time has been occupied with detecting for stalkers/killers, being abducted, murdering people and canoodling with respective boyfriends.

But it is a town where nine murders occurred as new people still move in, the realism has never been a main focus for Pretty Little Liars.

What pains me most is the ongoing seasons for this series! How much more can Aria, Hanna, Spencer, Emily and even Alison go through before seriously falling off the deep end? And i mean the deeeep end as in full-blown-psycho crazy, wearing mother's clothes, past no point of return, bottom of the well deep. Even some things Hanna's wit cannot recover from.

But who is to blame for the never ending torture of this show? Yeah, we can say it is the show's producing money-grabbing opportunist? But really, we got to admit that "A" really stands for....


That's right. It is the Audience that is enforcing the longevity of this show and causing the insane misadventures of the characters in Rosewood.

There you have it. A is finally realised. A is us. A is you.


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