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(Warning - mild potential SPOILERS for Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice lie below. Tread carefully if you don't want to see images from the movie in advance of watching it next year...)

Now, there are a whole lot of reasons to be excited about next year's Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. For one thing, Batman is actually going to fight Superman. Alongside which we'll get our first look at a whole heap of DC heroes who haven't hit the big screen before. All of which is obviously exactly the sort of thing that fan-dreams are made of.

As it turns out, though, there might just be a whole lot more to look forward to than just those big hitters. The good folks over at EW have come across a giant pile of awesome pictures from the set of the film and from the looks of it, we have a lot to get over-excited about.

For instance:

It Seems We're Definitely Going to Watch Lex Luthor Lose His Hair

Well, either that, or he's set to wear an elaborate wig for part of the movie. I'm still hoping for a scene more along the lines of this, though:

Could Lex even start the film as Superman's greatest cheerleader, perhaps, before blaming him for a terrible industrial accident?


Batman and Wonder Woman Seem to Be Getting Closer

There's more on that right here, but in the meantime, could we be set to see a very surprising romance within the film?

It'd certainly shake things up...

While they're busy at a party, though...

It Looks Like Superman's Heading to Mexico

Or, at least, that sure looks a whole lot like he's at some kind of Day of the Dead-type celebration.

Could it also, though, have something to do with Suicide Squad's El Diablo (below, on the far right)? A pre-credits origin story of sorts, perhaps?


It Sure Does Look Like Bruce Wayne Is Going to Get Hands On

We've seen glimpses of what seemed to be Ben Affleck's Bruce Wayne helping out in the aftermath of Metropolis' destruction, but Warner Bros.' willingness to publicize an image like this seemingly confirms it.

A natural reason for Bruce to not trust Superman, perhaps?

All of which is surely set to lead to...

An All Out Brawl Atop Gotham

Which, of course, would fit nicely with the expectation that the film will be heavily influenced by Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns...

And, of course...

A Good Old Fashioned Face-Off or Two...

You can practically hear the Bat-growl, amiright?

Plus, of course, there's also:

One of Our Best Looks Yet at the Three Heroes Together

Which was originally part of EW's cover...

...and in which Batman in particular looks distinctly jaunty...

What do you think, though?



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