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The raucous hit series, Hillbilly Horror Show, has spent the last year growing exponentially as a show, and a global brand. Now, the team behind the series is looking to expand its reach even further by opening the show up to corporate product placement partners!

Hillbilly Horror Show has a quickly growing fan base here in the US, and is beginning to gain traction in foreign markets, such as India and South Korea, as well. It has received great reviews among critics, enjoys a healthy social media following, and is becoming a horror-genre favorite; opening access to the largest film genre fan base worldwide.

Rachel Faulkner, as "Lulu"
Rachel Faulkner, as "Lulu"

According to producer and series star, Bo Keister, they are open to just about any product looking for promotion:

Obviously, we hope to attract attention from the bigger product lines, like beer, soda, food, and clothing companies. However, we are open to exploring almost any type of product line that can be tied into the storyline of the show. This would be a great avenue of exposure for indie film promotion, tech gadgets, tools, etc. There's not much we can't find a way to work into the show, even if it's just signage in the background.

Start up companies, especially clothing lines, should take note, because Hillbilly Horror Show has a major asset on hand; and that is the lovely Rachel Faulkner (pictured above). Rachel is taking the modeling world by storm, showing off outfits for several major brands, and has been featured by Maxim Magazine on multiple occasions. Considering she spends the bulk of every show prancing around set in tank tops, bikinis, and lingerie, you can bet all eyes will be on her...and her outfits.

Beverage and food sponsors are likely to find a great fit with Hillbilly Horror Show as well! Anyone who has seen the show already know that "Bo" & "Cephus" are always front and center, with cold beer & munchies in hand. They unabashedly crank back the brews, touting their mantra of , "Crack open a cold one, and enjoy the show!"

They are also hoping to entice tech and gadget companies too, while developing the storyline of the "Cephus" character, played by Scott Geiter.

Not much is known about the quirky, mumbling "Cephus", except that he's apparently a secret genius, who used to work for "Nas-Uh".

"We would ultimately like to expand his character to mad scientist level, which would give tech & gadget start-ups a great platform for exposure." says Bo.

One thing is certain, Hillbilly Horror Show is getting big fast, and has the potential to turn their audience on to products used on the show. If you have a product, film, or company that their fan base needs to see, you are encouraged to reach out to them at [email protected]!


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