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One of my personal favorite antagonist in any movie is the T-1000 from Terminator 2: Judgement Day. Made from liquid metal, the T-1000 is able to morph into anything (or anyone) it needs to be while on the hunt. It can turn its “body parts” into hand to hand combat weapons depending on the situation as well. Not to forget that it can liquidize itself to blend in with walls or floors. A machine that is made to kill is a dangerous weapon to hold, especially since a machine does not consider consequences or its own “health.” Nearly unstoppable in the movie, the T-1000 falls to the T-800 by falling into molten steel. The only other time that the T-1000 is momentarily stopped is when it is frozen by the liquid nitrogen. Those seem to be the only two weaknesses that the T-1000 has in the entirety of the film. Extreme temperatures are the only thing that can slow this machine down. So what characters could take and defeat the T-1000 in a fight? I believe that the four characters I chose would be able to destroy the T-1000 (without the convenience of molten steel being nearby).


Magneto was the obvious (and easiest) choice of a character who could defeat the T-1000. The fight between the two would not be a close one unfortunately. Even if there was an opportunity for the T-1000 to sneak up on Magneto and attack guerrilla warfare style, Magneto would be able to easily thrown the T-1000 off of him (unless the T-1000 made the killing shot off the bat). If this was a gladiatorial battle, the match up would end in about 30 seconds with Magneto tearing the T-1000 to pieces. However, where this fight would be interesting is if it was in a terrain where the T-1000 could hide in order to gain an advantage over Magneto. Maybe it would not be an overly entertaining fight, but Magneto is a character who could dispatch of the T-1000 with ease.

Mr. Freeze

After picking Magneto, the process to find other characters who could terminate the T-1000 was difficult. The versatility and limited weaknesses of the T-1000 eliminate plenty of formidable opponents. However, those two weaknesses open the door to a couple of adversaries. One of them being Mr. Freeze. One of the most sympathetic villains of Batman, Mr. Freeze could defeat the T-1000 with his high intellect and his ability to freeze it. To focus on the nonobvious reason that I picked Mr. Freeze, his intelligence is important in fighting the versatile machine. The T-1000 can adapt to numerous situations and fool people by morphing into others (especially people close to its enemy). Mr. Freeze’s intelligence would be able to counter the T-1000’s ability to adapt to fighting him. Since the T-1000 can find an advantage in most situations, an intelligent adversary is required to fight him. Mr. Freeze would also be smart enough to keep the T-1000 frozen rather than allowing him to melt back to liquid metal where it can piece itself back together.


The next selection might seem as an obvious, “no duh” answer to a question of who can beat who in any battle. However, Godzilla could fall to the T-1000 in a fight since the machine is able to adapt itself to the situation. Yes, I know that Godzilla is as tall as skyscrapers and the T-1000 is human sized. The thing that would prevent the T-1000 from ending up like Bambi in the YouTube video “Godzilla vs. Bambi” is its ability to liquidize. Godzilla now loses the ability to simply step on the T-1000, thus ending the fight in about 5 seconds. Where Godzilla’s real advantage comes from his mouth. The monsters atomic breath is what would doom the T-1000, more so than the pure size advantage. I believe that the T-1000 could use the monsters giant size to its advantage, being able to climb up it in order to make a fatal blow (somehow). But, Godzilla’s atomic breath would vaporize the T-1000, similar to how the molten steel did (except a lot cooler).


A potential weakness that is never address in any of the Terminator movies is what happens to a Terminator if it is struck by lightning. In theory, the T-1000 is a machine so it is plausible that it would become fried if lightning would hit it (or something with the power of lightning). My fourth character who could beat the T-1000 does not only have lightning powers (if you were expecting Pikachu, I apologize but that was a consideration), but fire bending powers as well. Iroh from the Avatar: the Last Airbender cartoon series is a character I believe could defeat the T-1000. What makes Iroh different from the other fire benders in the series? Iroh is old and wise, which gives him battle intellect (which was stressed as important when discussing Mr. Freeze) and a better understanding on how to keep emotion in check while fighting. Iroh’s (the bulked up character from the third book) ability to bend lightning is the main reason why I picked him as the final character. That ability, along with the fire bending, would able to dismantle the T-1000. Different from Godzilla and Magneto where they could decimate the T-1000 beyond recognition, Iroh would ruin the machine from the inside by short circuiting it. If all else fails with the lightning, there is still the fire. This would most likely be the most interesting fight out of the selection since the advantages are not so clear.

The T-1000 is an almost unstoppable force of technology that is able to adapt to the circumstances of situations that occur while on its mission. The ability to shape shift and liquidize give the T-1000 advantages that most characters cannot overcome. However, there are few characters who could defeat the killing machine. Whether the fight would be entertaining or not, those four characters could beat the T-1000 in a fight. There are other characters that would be able to as well that I did not mention. These are the four that gave me a good variety of choices (not simply four superheroes/villains) for the contest.


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