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The Originals every season thus far have brought in many different and colorful characters, with the recasting of the original family, which included a brilliant Daniel Sherman filling in the role of Kol, as wellas expanding on their own family with the inclusion of sister Freya and bringing back Mikael.

Many of our favorites are coming back, with Klaus, Elijah and Cami returning, but this season promises to be another interesting one, with some brand new characters coming in. There are three new roles so far that they are casting for.

Aurora - When I hear this name, I automatically think to myself that maybe Sarah Bolger will show up and we'll have some kind of Once Upon a Time crossover. However, she is a new vampire in town, described as "sexy" and very unpredictable. She can become very deadly in the blink of an eye. Knowing Klaus' pension for troublesome women, maybe she will be Klaus' new woman of the week while he continues to ignore his feelings for Cami which everyone in his family and friends sees.

Lucien - When I hear the name "Lucien" I generally think of werewolves... You know like the character in Underworld:

Spelled Lucian but I digress
Spelled Lucian but I digress

However, for The Originals, he is a vampire who is "good-looking" (aren't they all) and has a history with the Mikaelsons. Wonder which family member they killed, most vampires who they encounter have some sort of vendetta against them.

Detective Will Kinney - This character will be good-looking (will we ever get just a plain looking actor on the show?) And is, very dangerously, human. He knows nothing about vampires, but given that he is a detective I have no doubt that he will quickly find out about them. This is of course speculation, but perhaps some family sent him to investigate the Quarter... After all there are a lot of suspicious deaths there. And could this possibly be a love interest for Cami? Sure she likes her bad boy Klaus, but she does keep saying that she would rather steer clear of trouble...maybe a little tête tet will do her some good at the same time getting Klaus jealous and finally admitting straight forward that he likes her.

On the whole, it looks like there will be some interesting new additions to the cast, I just wonder how long they will last. The body count just continued to grow in that lovely place known as New Orleans.



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