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Who doesn't know her - she's Kevin Spacey's daughter from American Beauty! Still, since then a lot has happened and it was a little quiet around Thora Birch during recent years.

This doesn't mean she's out of the loop. On the contrary: Birch was busy shifting towards producing her own films. And her next film will be 3 LIVES, starring in the lead role, Emma.

(Thora Birch greets fans at the Cake Premiere – rights by Splash News Online)

The independently produced psychological thriller tells the story of Emma, who wakes to find herself trapped in an abandoned bunker, her only view the sky through the prison’s bars. She soon realizes that there are two other victims trapped with her, but all is not as it seems - one of these men was sent to prison for attacking her fifteen years earlier - and is her only means of escape from their savage captors.

Bunker at the Baltic Sea - Ahrenshoop/Germany
Bunker at the Baltic Sea - Ahrenshoop/Germany

Not knowing who to trust, Emma can only run and try to escape the demons of her past. The theme of 3 Lives develops around two central questions: How do people cope with their past? And - in the context of the worldwide increase of sexual assaults reported in the media - does gender make a difference for the severity of the crime?

Creepy forrest - shooting location Hungary
Creepy forrest - shooting location Hungary

With 3 Lives we want to create a compelling story of three people stranded in the wilderness, battling to survive. To ensure that we are producing a movie the audience wants to see, we want to include the crowd in the movie production early on. However, as plenty of crowdfunding campaigns have shown, the range of perks a filmmaker can offer for the support of the crowd is rather limited. Therefore we chose the option of crowdinvesting. If you are in the European Union, you can become an actual team member as investor. And if the movie makes a profit, so will you.

forrest - Hungary
forrest - Hungary

(The campaign is in German - but if you are interested to learn more and you need information in English, to give us a buzz. We are happy to help :) )

producer/director of  "3 Lives"  Juliane Block
producer/director of "3 Lives" Juliane Block

Meanwhile we are interested in your own experiences! Have you been subjected to somebody doing you wrong or were you the perpetrator? How did you cope with those experiences?

For questions and feedback please contact: | email: [email protected]

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