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Wonder Woman has had a long road to the big screen. Since the mid 1980s there have been scripts bouncing around Hollywood, with different actresses courted for each proposed incarnation of the role, and some even making it to pre-production before the inevitable cancellation. With the popularity of Lynda Carter's 1970s Wonder Woman show, giving the female founding member of the Justice League her own film seemed like a recipe for success. Yet she will finally make her solo debut in 2017 after a confirmed appearance in [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870). With new merchandise and set photos released, excitement is building and we can't wait to see the Goddess of War fly into theaters!

Diana Prince has had more than her fair share of origin story rewrites: she's been made of clay, an Amazon princess, one of the gods of Olympus. The latest news seems to place her squarely in the deity role, with Zeus confirmed as her father. Which is very intriguing. As her godly powers rival Superman's, we could see her face off against the mighty hero. With Supes and Batman bickering, is this to be her role? This certainly wouldn't be the first time the Amazon has had to take out her fellow Justice League heroes...

Wonder Woman proves her strength.
Wonder Woman proves her strength.

Could this be the climax of Batman V Superman? Wonder Woman gives Clark and Bruce a demonstration of her brand of tough love after their personal battle gets out of control. Now that, we'd pay to see.

And with new pictures revealed adding to the rumours that Diana Prince may be working for Lex Luthor (or undercover), Wonder Woman could start out as a a rival rather than an ally. But what could her mission be? After the immense damage to Metropolis in Man of Steel, Lex Corp is leading cleanup efforts. In the newly released set photos, Diana seems to be cosying up to Bruce at a Lex Corp party...

Friend or foe?
Friend or foe?

The start of a beautiful friendship or eyeing up the enemy? There has been wild speculation about Diana's motivation, but as her solo film is confirmed to be set in the 1920s (more on that later), she definitely has a few years on her fellow heroes. Could her involvement with Luthor be part of a long game? Only time (and hopefully more press releases!) will tell, but we can't wait to see what dynamic Wonder Woman will bring to the budding team.

Is Gal Gadot the right choice for Wonder Woman?

In a recent Instagram revelation, on-set reporter El Mayimbe revealed that in her solo movie, Diana Prince will have no less than six Wonder Woman costumes, including a "dive suit". The topic of her image lead on to a discussion about casting, in which commenters questioned whether Gal Gadot could accurately portray the role.

"[She's] the worst choice unless she puts on 20-30 lbs of muscle... not an Amazon at all, probably doesn't even squat." (bce0622 on Instagram)

These criticisms are not new. Ever since the first casting announcement, Gadot has been called "too skinny". Wonder Woman has been portrayed in many ways since her first comic appearance back in the 1940s. She's been slim, petite, tall, or muscle bound, depending on the artist. As super strength is one of her powers, and considering how that usually leads to super bulging muscles in male heroes, in the last few years Wonder Woman art has leaned towards depicting her in this way too.

Check out that muscle definition.
Check out that muscle definition.

However, Gal Gadot has not been perturbed by these criticisms. She has called these comments "empty talk", and that after her "very serious training regimen" that includes kickboxing and Kung Fu, she will definitely kick ass. Well, she certainly talking the talk, and responding just as Diana Prince would. After initial doubts, it's clear Gal Gadot really is the best choice for Wonder Woman.

Trumping Marvel: WW merchandise!

But what about Diana's depiction in the merchandising world? DC recently revealed that, along with new Batman and Superman action figures, a Wonder Woman doll would be on sale soon! And by doll, we mean Barbie...

High heels and sword combo!
High heels and sword combo!

This is probably going to spark off the same slim vs muscles debate again in the fan base, and there have already been criticisms that Wonder Woman was not included in the action figure line.

However, this could be a very intelligent move on the part of DC: they are appealing to a demographic usually ignored by the nerd world. By creating the Amazonian queen in doll form, little girls (or boys!) will finally get the chance to play with warriors. DC are inviting a young, feminine audience into the world of superheroes, and as 46.67% of comic readers are women, it's fantastic that kids who play with dolls are being embraced rather than ignored.

The power of merchandise.
The power of merchandise.

Also she's double the size of the diminutive action figures. An Amazon indeed! Now where's ourBlack WidowBlack Widowdoll, Marvel...?

Goddess of War

Shooting for Wonder Woman's (first) independent movie will begin in Autumn, and with sequels that could span decades, from the 20s to the 40s to today, we're definitely in for a wild ride. Hopefully, Diana's appearance in Batman V Superman will be beyond cameo, and her eventual solo film will be worth the wait!

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