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So, as I hope most of you picked up on, I don't mean literal "off the starboard bow!" sailing ships. For those of you who don't really understand yet, Urban Dictionary was so kind to have a definition for us:


(v.) to support or endorse a romantic paring that is not canon in the work(s) in which they appear. The shipping of couples is often the purpose of many fanfiction stories. Used for characters in anime, manga, video games, tv shows, etc.

Basically, a fan will spot two characters that they believe 'belong together' and pray for them to become a couple! There are always tons of fanfiction and fanart based on popular ships. Sometimes, ships occur between people who aren't even slightly romantically implied in shows. For example, Detective Lestrade and Mycroft Holmes in the BBC show SHERLOCK. Maybe it was just me, but before I stumbled across a fanart of them I had never even thought about them together...

Family photo. by ~KOMPILATOR on deviantART
Family photo. by ~KOMPILATOR on deviantART

And yet there is so much love for Mystrade all over! As a matter of fact, there are SOOO many ships on the show SHERLOCK:

  • Sherlolly (Sherlock and Molly)
  • Sheriarty (Sherlock and Moriarty)
  • Adlock (Irene Adler and Sherlock)

Sherlock Holmes is apparently perfect for so many people! He definitely has the most ships in the show. Then there are, of course, canon ships. Ships that are actually part of the show. Like John and Mary....

They get married in the show (as seen above). Their wedding is beautiful and their love is true. And yet, fans still find moments during the wedding to ship Johnlock:

True dat.

Now, changing subjects ever so slightly, I have recently become a fan of Supernatural. Im still relatively early in the show, season 4, but I am aware of a MAJOR ship:

DESTIEL (Dean and Castiel)

While I don't have any concrete proof of any of these characters sexualities, it seems that many ships disregard that all together. I kinda like that though, actually. Soul-mates don't have to be opposite sex, they can be anything! And even further, though most ships are romantic relationship centered, soul-mates don't necessarily have to be romantic or sexual. It is just two people finding one another, they just so happen to be perfect for each other. This doesn't mean that they will always get along, or have the exact same opinion of everything. It just means that they fill each others lives with kindness, support, laughter, and even tears.


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