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I don't know why but when I think of Patriotism and America, I think of Top Gun. This might not the be the best thing to say seeing how I'm the daughter, grand-daughter, and cousin to many in the Military. Specifically the Navy.

I recall going to base and thinking "this isn't like Top Gun, this is boring where's Ice Man?" I hate to break it to you, Top Gun is a lie. A wonderful, glorious, patriotic, sexy lie.

Yeah, I never saw any of this while on base. Now, there is a actual "Top Gun" School for naval pilots, but I cannot get confirmation that it looks like the above clip. We can only hope...

It's one of the most patriotic weekends of the year for America. We travel to see our families, we cook, we, eat, we fight, we drink, we watch fireworks, we promise to accept creepy cousin Phil's friend request, we quickly ignore creepy cousin Phil's friend request, we come back home with three pounds of Aunt Judy's potato salad and couple bottles of homemade beer from Uncle Jay's private collection. That's 4th of July and I love it!

I'm going to add another tradition to that list, Top Gun. Seriously! I watch it every year. Forget Will Smith and Independence Day that movie sucked. Top Gun is where it's at.

Maybe it's the opening credits?

Maybe it's the theme "Top Gun Anthem" coupled with the visuals? Oh, and that dude playing the electric guitar like a boss. Yeah, that's America!

Maybe it's the visuals of these brave men and women in the middle of the ocean on aircraft carrier fighting for our right to live in the danger zone?

Who am I kidding, we all know that's what it is. It's Kenny Loggins (is he still alive?) and his intoxicating voice set to the bad ass scenes of this awesome movie. It has everything you need to be a proud American. 80's Tom Cruise, 80's Val Kilmer, great catch phrases, men in uniform, a woman astrophysicist who put these boys in their place, ray bans and a kick ass soundtrack!

This movie screams AMERICA F**k YEAH!

So before your 4th of July weekend is over, Go to anyone of the below online streaming sites and for 2.99 you can watch Top Gun. Also available to stream on Netflix.

YouTube, Amazon Instant, Vudu,Google play, and iTunes,

J/K! Thank you England for the following:

TV, The Beatles.,The Rolling Stones, Idris Elba,Monty Python, My Boss Nick, Prince Harry, Dr, Who, Benedict Cumberbatch, fish and chips, Peter Sellers, Ice Cream, and Viagra!


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