ByJordan K. Paul, writer at

I started a new show called the Minute Movie Review! I always needed a quick run down and review of some movies before I decided to see them. I thought; maybe other people would like a quick review before heading out the door too, so I created the MMR! I will also be giving away free movie tickets to people who comment what movie I should see next! Everyone should go see a movie for free at some point, I just want to be the one that gives it to them!

This episode we watched TED 2! Seth Macfarlane retools his directing style to be almost all Family Guy styled in his sequel to the fan loved TED movie! I say bring on more of the Family Guy style and stop trying to make me cry in this movie SETH!! check out the full MINUTE review above!

I hope you all enjoy the Minute Movie Review, help me pick what movie to watch next! Thanks for taking the time to watch and I'll see you every Friday for another Minute Movie Review!


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