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This odd, yet humorous idea came about when I was putting a DVD back into it's case earlier today. The DVD was X-Men (2000) and as I stared at the front of the case before putting it away, I randomly thought of some funny dialogue to add to it. Here's out it turned out.

"Guys, the doors jammed.... why are you all staring at me like that?"

Personally, I thought this was hilarious, so decided to share it on the MP Creators page. That's when I decided to give a few other (superhero) movie posters the same treatment, and share the results with you lovely people. Now I quickly present to you, If Movie Posters Could Talk.

Spider-Man Toot (Spider-Man 2)

"Ahhh... No one can smell my farts from up here."

Batman Begins

"PEAS AND RICE Bruce, we have a staircase for a reason."

Spider-Man (2002)

"Hey, what are you doing with my camera?!"

Superman Returns

"That's a small emblem for a big guy, don't you think Clark? Clark..? You've gotta be ki-... are you sleeping?!"

The Amazing Spider-Man (2012)

"Spidey, what are you swinging from? The Helicarrier? I don't understand."

Alright people, that concludes If Movie Posters Could Talk! I hope you guys at least got a chuckle out of it (: Would you have added different dialogue? What other posters would you have chosen? Let me know in the comments below! & thanks for reading (:


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