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Baldwin Collins

Switching a classic sci-fi film like this one, is surprising to me. it's all about following other successful films like 'the Hunger games ' And 'Divergent' which are Growing in popularity. That might be so, but they're not reboot or remakes ? which in my opinion warner bros is gambling with new ideas to attract a new generation of possible logan's run fans. The original films storyline is about a future world of human population living inside a large dome. there's is little or no work for humans to perform, which leaves them to pursue all the pleasures of life, However there's a catch. you're life is limited. up to 30. on reaching this age, you're life's terminated. in a religious ceremony known as carousel. if you try to escape, you're captured by the sandmen (security force ) and executed. the escapee's are branded as runners.

the original film logan's run ' (1976) starred british actors michael york and jenny Agutter york as logan (sandman) becomes friends with ( jessica - 6 ) Agutter they eventually escaping together, becoming runners themselves. this film also had a t v series based on it. Which starred Gregory Harrison and Heather menzies -urich. which the series only aired for one season. 1977 - 1978.

Would you like to see a female lead in the remake version of logan;s run ?


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