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Would Brittany Murphy have been the perfect choice for DC's very own Harley Quinn? Thats is the question many people had asked when The Dark Knight introduced the danger-loving Joker. So, I've found a few reasons why she would have been THE Harley Quinn if she were alive.

She as played as crazy people

Yes, Brittany played some creepy roles, which is not surprising really. But when she played a a sexually abused girl with bulimia and OCD with a chicken obsession in Girl, interupted she was in character but also was funny in a psychotic way. However, she played an even crazier role in Don't Say a Word when she played a dusturbed girl with a dark past that was a major part of the movie (and that made the character crazy) and Murphy pulled it off.

Girl, Interruped - Dasiy Randone
Girl, Interruped - Dasiy Randone
Don't Say a Word - Elizabeth Burrows
Don't Say a Word - Elizabeth Burrows

She as played a psychiatris

Believe it or not Murphy also played as a Psychiatris just like Harley Quinn in Someting Wicked her last film. Although, it was a small role its kind of surprising that she played a sane character but its also another misterious character.

Something wicked - Susan
Something wicked - Susan

She is the Harley Quinn type

With all the roles she as played rather they are crazy or misunderstood. Brittany Murphy is also the type of actress who is fit to be the Harley Quinn. But shame she died of pneumonia on 2009.

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Would Brittany Murphy be perfect as Harley Quinn if she were to be alive?


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