ByBrad Dee, writer at

The Ultimate universe is coming to an end. It started to die years and years ago after the storyline "Ultimatum" and continued with the storyline "Cataclysm", but fans and writers held up hope that it might still be able to go on.Fan favorite characters came and went. Bodybags were filled and as Brian Michael Bendis promised "dead means dead" in this universe. There was no coming back. Sure, Peter Parker died and came back, but he was an exception. Now, we are at the mid-point to the end of the Ultimate universe. But, instead of going out with a bang, it is going out with confusion and boring dialogue. Issue 3 of this series was no better then the previous two. In fact, it might have been worse.

The storyline is still going about how two universes have merged together and we have two versions of all the heroes inside this version of Manhatten. Now, if this was not "Secret wars", this might make for an interesting storyline, but since this is, it goes against just about everything that is happening in the set. The differences between the characters is so small that at times it's almost impossible to tell the difference between them, and you can't even tell what character is even speaking. This issue, very little happened. You could sum up the events very briefly, and it isn't even worth talking about. Sure, there was more death, but at this point who even cares. The Ultimate universe is known for death and we are used to it anyway. There is a battle between two Hulks, a battle between two Punishers and battle between the Punisher and the Wrecking Crew that defies all character logic. It's almost like Bendis is just going with the flow at this point and just trying to end the universe as quickly as possible. The art by Bagley is still the high-point of this set and even that has moments where you scratch your head. I have stated for the last two issues that I am hoping this storyline improves. With just 2 issues to go, I just can't see it happening anymore. I give this issue a 3 out of 10.


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