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In the world of Battleworld, many of the storylines that we have seen so far have had some mainstream in the general Marvel universe. Either they have been continuations of past epic events, or a retelling of a old universe, or just some characters that are thrown together for fun. But, we haven't really seen many where we have not met the characters at all yet. Now, we have. Yes, Red Skull is a type of "Suicide Squad" comic where a bunch of villains are thrown together to take on a task to gain their freedom. But, it also has more inside of it. Any book that forces Magneto to aid the Red Skull is an accomplishment in itself. But, even though the first issue is merely a set-up issue, it has both its pros and its cons.

All the characters are thrown together in this issue to do a service for Doom who wants one last puzzle piece totally removed from the chess board that he has created. But, the strange thing is that this piece is one of the most evil characters ever created in the Marvel universe,so it will be interesting to see what he could possibly have done that upset God Doom. But, there lies some of the problems in this issue. The characters are all shown to us, but it's almost a given that they are disposable. This is a book where it's given we know these characters from our own history, but what character are they in this universe. What are their motives and what truly makes them tick? In that, we honestly never find out. The only characters that are displayed with any character development in the first issue is Magneto, Electro and Crossbones. The rest are background characters that we have to assume will never make it out of this set alive. The art isn't for everyone and some might be tired of seeing zombies, but don't let that stop you from enjoying an well made book, especially with an exciting cliffhanger that assured I'll be back next month. Many people will look at the title and cover of this book and not even give it a chance. But, it does have some potential and there was alot to like about this first issue. I give this book a 6 out of 10.


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