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As the opening month of "Truth" ends, we begin now a second month of the new Superman status quo with the opening chapter of "Justice". Superman is still stripped of half his powers and the world knows exactly who he is. The police force wants to take him down because of the all the damage that has happened in the city because of his powers. They feel that they are the ones bleeding and dying while he's protecting the city. The city still admires and respects him because of what he has done for them all. Clark on the other hand feels that he is going to do exactly what he needs to do in order to show the world that superpowers are not needed to inspire and protect the city and the world.

This comic had just about everything that was needed to make it epic. It's hard to write a book that takes the controversy of events happening in the real world and still make it powerful. This issue displayed that purely with the notion of police brutality that has been seen strongly in the media in recent months. Cops attacking and brutally injuring(or killing) unarmed people and minors as they try to "serve and protect". Pak and Kuder handle their premise with poise and maturity. While some readers will decry this as another attempt by comic book creators to infect "Big Two" comics with their own personal politics, it should be seen as a stark reminder that the times we're living in are dark and getting darker. Even our greatest heroes don't stand a chance against systemic oppression, and that should be something of a wake-up call. Superman knows what is happening in his city and he will put on chains to prevent it from happening. He knows that only he can stand up to what he knows is right and wrong because others might die for their decisions. Superman knows there is an injustice going on in this world, and now he is just like us. Powerless. But that doesn't stop him from doing what he feels is right and standing up to those that are in power. Pak is making it very clear that if he can do this, then we should also. This was a very powerful and moving comic with a giant message, and it's also one of the best comics that DC has published for months in a row now. I give this book a 9 out of 10. Comic of the week!


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