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With my statement being heard i believe in the new movie breaking dawn part 3(three) should be based on Jacob and Renesmee love story because at the end of breaking dawn part 2(two) Alice had a vision of them two together and Edward read her mind and smiled. With this being said i also, think it should show something alike to Bella and Edward's life but not only that Renesmee fineds out that Jacob was in love with Bella and maybe still is. Maybe Jacob will break a law of the vampire or even his kind still wanting to be with Bella. Furthermore, although Jacob imprinted on Renesmee doesnt mean he changed the way he feels for Bella. Also, with that being said Renesmee will have to know the true store of Jacobs past with Bella cause she would want to know about it and things will change or while the movie is going something might happen to Jacob and Renesmee will be heart broken but there will still be a chance. In addition, the volturi can be against Jacob being with Renesmee since shes half human but also half vampire and one of the laws is a wolf is a enemy to vampires. With that being said since they didn't fight in breaking dawn 2(two) they may have to fight in breaking dawn 3 (three) for Bella and Edward's daughter to be happy and for Jacobs safety.

I appreciate my opinion,statement,and point of view being heard and as well i am a huge fan of twilight hope you put what i believe in and think its good enough for the next breaking dawn part 3

Thank you!


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