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Iron Man to the end
Stefan Watts

Ok what's up MCU lovers, let's get down to business ok so we all know Thor's hammer is one of the most powerful weapon that exist in the beloved MCU. It's belong to the one and only Thor God of Thunder (hence the name suggests Thor's Hammer also Mjölnir )

The origin is unknown but is known to be in existence for a very long time, it is my belief that the hammer strikes an mirror image of the Infinity Gems created by Thanos. How you ask, simple I believe the hammer to be just a normal alien hammer with a powerful crystal inside that gives it unique features (strength, zap of lighting etc) it was created on Asgard and a powerful crystal were placed in the centre of the hammer to give it powers.

In battle ) the hammer can pretty much destroy everything it's come into contact with, for example if Thor and Wolverine were to have a scrap I would put my money on Thor's hammer to smash Wolverine claws to bits as the metal used in the hammer is stronger than Adamantium. The hammer would also be able to withstand the power of Kryptonite which is basically radiation but the hammer never corrodes so Kryptonite would be next to useless against the mighty Thor God of Thunder and his trusted hammer.

Who fears the hammer ) many villains fears the hammer including Thanos, Apocalypse etc, however heroes fear the hammer as well if they cross Thor and they include Wolverine, Hulk, Superman, Beast, Iron Man, Spiderman and Captain America.

Who can wield the hammer ) not many heroes or villains can used the hammer like Thor can or even be considered worthy to have the ability to hold the hammer, however heroes such as Black Widow, Captain America, the Red Norvell, Buri, Bor Odin, Beta Ray Bill are a few who have be found worthy of such honour. While Hulk and Conan have held the hammer on separate occasions we have to give it to both Thor and Captain America who are the worthiness two of all eight who have held the hammer.

(Amazing Andy)

Thanks for reading and what are your thoughts on Thor's hammer, who else can wield it ? What other powers does it hold ? Let me know your thoughts.


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