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Since following the creation of indie film director Leonardo Sanderson's Sons Of God web series, I have had the pleasure of becoming acquainted with the cast members and the characters played. Today's interview was with Jose Maysonet, who put me in the know on the latest and greatest developments within the Sons of God project :

How long have you been acting? About 3 years now.

What projects interest you? More of less everything except theater. I got my start in theater but I prefer film, commercials and web series. I'd like to be in the print model ads, silver screen, web series, and television.

What projects are you working on now? Surviving the Undead (Season 2) which is a cable series, Dystopia which is a web series, and I'm also working on the Sons of God web series.

What character are you playing in Sons Of God? I'm playing the modern day swordsman, Rizo. He's human and he grows stronger and strong throughout the series. The viewer can watch his journey from being inexperienced to a warrior who holds his own against the best.

He sounds tough. He really is!

What do you enjoy most about your character? I'm so dedicated to him! I can relate to him. He always challenges himself, and I do that too. I find myself in the same position that Rizo is in all the time.

What will fans enjoy most about Sons Of God? Everything! This series has something for everyone; action, drama, fantastic battles, women and men doing martial arts, it has too much for someone not to be interested.

Who are you most excited about working with on this project? I can't choose. I enjoy working with everyone. During a project, you become family with your cast and crew.

The director is Leonardo Sanderson. Have you worked with him before? No, I met him while he worked on Double Fist with Paul Mormando. Paul approached me to work with him and sometime later Leonardo approached me too. Now I get to work with both of them.

So what's next after Sons Of God? I hope Sons of God gains a following that allows it to translate into television and/or film.

Where can we find you? I'm on my website, facebook, and twitter.

Thank you Jose Maysonet for sharing your awesome role as Rizo, the human who can battle with the best of them in the Sons of God web series. We looking forward to seeing it!


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