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Thanks to the deal struck between Disney and Sony a few months ago, Spider-Man will officially appear in the MCU alongside his Avenger buddies, beginning with Captain America: Civil War, which will feature a slew of new characters. But can we be real for a minute? Like really real? With the release of Amazing Spider-Man 2 in 2014, Spidey’s film count was bumped up to five movies in twelve years. We’ve seen his origin story in two films, the Green Goblin in three films, and Mary-Jane and Gwen Stacey three times each as well. So honestly, do we need another rehashing of the same old Spidey story? Definitely not. There were rumors circulating for a long time that the MCU would focus in on Miles Morales, a newer incarnation of Spidey. But with the casting of Tom Holland as Peter Parker, it looks that Morales is out.

So what can Sony and Disney do to spice up ol’ web-head’s story in the upcoming Civil War film, as well as the 2017 reboot (which hopefully isn’t an actual reboot)? Perhaps the simplest and most exciting answer lies in giving Spidey some new suits. Throughout the comics, Parker and other versions of Spider-Man have donned many different suits with different abilities, but we have yet to see any of these suits, save one, in any of the movies. So here are ten different versions of Spidey’s outfit that should totally be in the movies, and which would serve to really freshen up a character that is beginning to feel stale. Fitting them into the MCU will take time, creativity, and a little re-writing, considering some of these versions of Spider-Man aren’t even Peter Parker, nor do some appear in this reality or time period. But what I’m saying is this: These iterations of Spider-Man are downright awesome, and if the wall-crawler’s movie image could be livened up, it would be totally worth it.

10. Scarlet Spider

This storyline could definitely be incorporated into the 2017 Spider-Man film. Scarlet Spider is not Peter Parker, but is actually a clone of Parker named Ben Reilly. He was created in order to defeat the real Spider-Man. He had all the same powers, but also shared all the same memories as Parker, which led to his defeat and near death. Later, Reilly decided to join the good guys and fight along Spidey as the Scarlet Spider.

Scarlet wears a full red suit that features a utility belt and exposed web-shooters. The huge eyes on the mask are extremely cool, and, as if the outfit weren’t awesome enough already, Scarlet also throws a sleeveless blue hoodie over his suit to further distinguish himself from Spider-Man. And as every biker could tell you, nothing says “hardcore” like a lack of sleeves.

9. Big Time Suit (Stealth Suit)

This suit is the perfect blend of superhero and sci-fi. Spidey’s stealth suit affords the wearer a bunch of new abilities. It is fireproof and can heal the wearer of injury. Awesome, right? Oh, but that’s not all. When the suit glows red, it makes the wearer invulnerable to any sonic-based, or sound-based, attacks. And when the suit glows green, Spidey becomes invisible and inaudible.

Now, you might be saying “But how is it invisible if it is glowing green?” Well, let me tell you. When Parker created the outfit, he also created a special lens that would allow the suit to be seen even when in stealth mode. This lens is embedded into the mask, otherwise Spidey wouldn’t even be able to see himself when he goes invisible. Spidey’s allies also have the lens so they can see him and know where he’s at. Tron meets Spider-Man? I’d watch that.

8. Spider-Clan

This version of Spider-Man takes place in a totally different timeline, and isn’t even a part of the main comic book series. Because of this, it isn’t likely to appear in the films, but one can hope. In this Japanese manga, Peter Parker is a young ninja being trained to become part of the Spider-Clan. He possesses all the same abilities as the regular Spider-Man, with the addition of being able to shoot organic webbing like we saw in the original Spider-Man trilogy.

Clan Spider-Man’s outfit is unique in that it is the only one that I can think of that doesn’t feature a full sleeve-length suit. He wears his typical Spidey suit, but with short sleeves, taped wrists and hands, and gloves with sharp claws in the palms, like a backwards Wolverine.. The outfit is indicative of his ninja training, and I think we all could use a little more ninja in our lives.

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