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Adventuring out-words
Christina Nguyen

My expectations were so high for this movie that I feel like it hindered my experience of Inside Out.

I guess I expected a deeper look into the inner workings of a child's brain going through a harsher depression but it was still PG and a Pixar film so I blame myself for going overboard.

The critically acclaimed film is no doubt a beautiful, complex and emotional film. ( I cried, maybe, 4 or 5 times.) It was a film for both adults and children, something that PIXAR has created before with works such as Toy Story, Up, Walle and The Incredibles; my personal favourite.

I enjoyed the mechanics of the show and the originality of the environment. However, since Riley is both the setting and main character of the movie, I felt, she could have been utilised more. I guess I'm asking for more scenes outside in instead of inside out which would really defeat the purpose of the film but it would have helped the audience connected even more with Riley.

My only issue with the film was Joy and Sadness's long-winded exploration of Riley's mind. It did set up some funny bits, especially the gum commercial song, but the real meat of the movie was in Riley's headquarters and not what happens in Imagination Land.

Admittedly, the movie is clever in explaining why some things occur in the mind and the subconscious and many people shed a tear for Bing Bong's sacrifice (spoiler alert?). Thus, I highly regard this film as a wonderful experience and would LOOOVEE to see Joy, Sadness, Disgust, Fear and Anger direct Riley through the up and downs of PUBERTY.


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