ByChristina Lloyd, writer at
Healer, a South Korean Drama I Am currently watching. It's pretty good, i haven't skipped through it once, (and that's a compliment coming from me). It's an action packed, past traumatic, love triangle, emotional roller coaster; Just the type of Dramas I love! It's got the typical rags to riches scenario with the oh so common fated triangle of people who were once friends when young but split apart by tragedy like abandoned puppies. Oh. And don't forget that both love interests would be star-crossed lovers to the heroine, no matter which one she picked! Ones the son of the man who killed her father, the other is the brother of the man who left her for dead. Oh my, what Totally predictable Fate is this? I don't know why it is I keep coming back to watching the Dramas when they're all basically the same; and completely predictable! If Korean Dramas have this much talent over watchers, forget my debut into American acting! I'm going over to Freaken South Korea!!!

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