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Lucas Till as Luke Skywalker-

Reasoning: This guy is one of the most impressive young actors out there, he absolutely crushed it as Havok in X-Men First Class. It's always nerve wracking when a classic movie is rebooted and if it were to happen, this kid should be leading it.

Joseph Gordon Levitt as Han Solo-

Reasoning: This dude oozes charisma and I for one would love to see him dominate this role as he has countless others and I believe he is the only reasonable choice to play the honored and noble role of Han Solo.

Alexandra Daddario as Princess Leia-

Reasoning: She is drop dead gorgeous along with the traits of an award winning actress. She has a foot in the door of fame and this role could boost her into record books with some of the greats!

Donald Glover as Lando Calrissan-

Reasoning: Anything Donald is involved with I am absolutely for, that being said I believe he is a very reasonable contender for Lando, he can most definitely pull of the comedic charisma that comes with the role as well as the looks aspect. Billy Dee Williams would be proud!

Simon Pegg as C-3PO-

Reasoning: He could totally work with the sardonic comedy styling of C-3PO and his accent would work great!

James Earl Jones as Darth Vader-

Reasoning: BOOM! He's sticking around!

Verne Troyer as R2-D2-

Reasoning: Imagine the way him and Simon Pegg could play off of each other's jokes! That's the reason, that's it... And he's a bit on the small side...

Tyler Mane as Chewbacca-

Reasoning: Because he is big and furry, as well as the fact that he could bring some true toughness to the role.

Peter Dinklage as Yoda-

Reasoning: Because he is god damn Tyrion Lannister folks.

Tom Hardy as Boba Fett-

Reasoning: He would bring a whole new tough and gritty element to the Galaxy's best bounty hunter that the character has never received.

Sean Connery as Old Man Kenobi-

Reasoning: Sean Connery's career is very quickly careening towards the ground, and I believe this role as minor as it is in this film could slightly renew him.

Martin Freeman as Wedge Antilles-

Reasoning: Not only does Freeman look a lot like the original actor, but he's such a fantastic actor that he could get away with playing majority of roles.

Mark Hammil as Emperor Palpatine-

Reasoning: First of all, what a throwback to the original trilogy this would be, and Hammil has voiced the Joker if he could bring that level of rasp to this character it would be great!


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