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Next week is the biggest event of the nerd-calendar; San Diego Comic Con, aka SDCC.

The mammoth comic book convention has become the best-known geek gathering in the world, with TV networks, movie studios and game companies joining the comic book publishers that started the con in the 70s. The huge popularity of comic book movie and TV adaptations have helped to make this event what it is now, and each year tickets sell out faster and faster, as hundreds of thousands of fans scramble to attend.

Due to size limitations, SDCC limits badges (aka, tickets/passes) to 130,000, but this year, around one million people logged onto the site when they became available. Badges were sold out within an hour, beating last year's record by 30 minutes. Lines for the most popular panels in Hall H are the stuff of legend, with people camping out overnight to try and get a good seat in the morning. Even the introduction of Hall H wristbands that guarantee a seat in the hall haven't stopped fans sleeping outside to try and get as close as possible to the stage. Despite measures to try and help the convention run as smoothly as possible despite it's size, it seems that SDCC is bursting at the seams.

In response to this, the convention organizers started considering moving the convention to a larger area; somewhere that would be able to accommodate bigger crowds both in the halls and just in general. While many mourned the idea of such a huge change, other fans (and many locals) were thrilled that SDCC could become even bigger in a new locale. Anaheim and LA were both considered as possible venues, but today the mayor of San Diego proudly announced that the world's most famous comic convention won't be leaving just yet.

Looks like we're guaranteed another three years of San Diego-based fan madness!

It does, however, seem inevitable that SDCC will eventually need to pick up and head out to a larger venue, if only to hold onto that title of the biggest and best. For the first time, NYCC surpassed them in sheer numbers, and with other conventions growing all over the world, SDCC may have to make some drastic changes to stay on top.

That said, I'm thrilled to see them staying put for a little while longer. There's something so iconic about SDCC, and such a huge change is bound to have further repercussions. Not least of which, of course, will be the name! Will SDCC still be SDCC if it isn't in San Diego?


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