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Each new episode of Bryan Fuller's Hannibal begins with a "previously on Hannibal" run-down. I'm really not sure why this show needs these recaps. It's already akin to having a fever dream on a spooky European tour bus, and about four things have actually happened this season. I say that with the utmost affection of course, and if you really wanna catch up on this show, you can catch the real Hannibal recaps that I've written just for you!

Hannibal Season 3 seems to have responded to its own cancellation by upping its game, at least in the last few minutes of Episode 5, "Contorno". Characters are converging on each other, plans are coming to fruition, and Hannibal's time is running out! It's time for a recap of Hannibal Season 3 Episode 5!

Will and Chiyoh's wacky screwball antics!

So uhh, what music you into?
So uhh, what music you into?

Will Graham and Chiyoh have teamed up and are literally on a fast train to catch Hannibal! It's great that the show decides to give us a zany screwball comedy in the form of them having the most awkward sleepover ever! We're treated to dialogue like "Are we obliged to talk?", "no". HA! What fun back and forth banter will they come up with next?

Chiyoh makes an interesting analogy about snails surviving the digestion of birds, and traveling the world because of it. It fits Will's arc of transformation and rebirth nicely, and I guess Will's into it, for later that evening he starts putting the moves on Chiyoh with lines like "we're different from who we are during the day." Chiyoh responds to this skeeziness by throwing Will off a moving train. I kinda wish we'd cut back to the shot of Will in hospital at the start of the season with a distant trumpet going "wahh wahh!"

Has Bedelia betrayed Hannibal?

I want Mason Verger to add me!
I want Mason Verger to add me!

Mason Verger and Alana Bloom have kicked into gear as the coolest team on the show, tracking down Hannibal and putting out a bounty for him! I'm enjoying Joe Anderson's turn as Verger more and more by the second. He's just so vulgar and base with his creaky door drone! When he tells Alana "you don't look like a quitter", he just strikes me as a perverted business partner who she can't drop because he's where the cash comes from!

Alana's clearly had her thinking cap on, what with her tracking down Hannibal simply through the trail left by his impossibly cultured tastes. But actually this might have been the doing of Bedelia Du Maurier, since it's her who's been making the purchases we saw in episode 1. Is this Bedelia's way of sending out a signal of elitist groceries for the rest of the world to hunt down? Whatever it is, it's working, and good old Bloom and Verger have their bounty out there, but who will pick it up?

Inspector Rinaldo Pazzi

No one made snails look so sexy.
No one made snails look so sexy.

Hannibal is still in a state of relaxation, hanging out with Dr Du Maurier with his shirt off. I literally thought "man Hannibal looks good shirtless. I wonder what his diet is..." Hannibal's vacation from killing is threatened however, when Inspector Rinaldo Pazzi takes a break from giving Jack Crawford Italian for beginners lessons, and gets on his case. The moment when Pazzi first approaches Hannibal is tense, and you have to be impressed at how he tracked down Hannibal in two episodes where it took the other characters two whole seasons to do it!

Hannibal is all but caught, but then we find out Pazzi is doing all this for the hard cash, and he has to get his prints for Mason Verger like its some irritating videogame fetch quest! At this point you know he's dead. Alana Bloom even says it herself after the weirdest Skype call ever. Hannibal gets the job done, and makes Pazzi's death look like a suicide that somehow involved both hanging and hara-kiri at the same time. But not all is right, and it all leads into...

Hannibal vs Jack Crawford round 2!

I'm telling on you!
I'm telling on you!

Don't you hate it when you've just disemboweled a detective out for your bounty, only to find Lawrence Fishburne staring at you, ready to lay the smack down? The fight between these two characters in season 2 was a true stalemate, but it seems Season 3 wants to make things a little less even. Crawford completely stomps Hannibal in this fight, and it's actually more tense because of it. Throughout the series, Hannibal has been such an untouchable figure, almost unfairly invincible, and when he gets beaten this badly, you assume something must be wrong. The show must have something up its sleeve, but nope. Hannibal just barely escapes alive, and we must now be approaching his inevitable capture.

Contorno was a turning point in Hannibal Season 3 that threw characters into unknown territory. A sense of doom and finality will no doubt pervade when we reach Episode 6 next week!


Will Hannibal FINALLY be captured in Episode 6?


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