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Right, so hopefully by now all of us know WHO Thanos is and WHAT the Infinity Stones are. If not, then seriously man, what on earth are you doing here?! Go watch all the movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe NOW!!

There are 6 Infinity Stones in the Marvel Universe: The Power Gem, The Reality Gem, The Mind Gem, The Soul Gem, The Time Gem, and the Space Gem. Each one of these has unique abilities and gives the owner "mastery" over each aspect of the universe. When all 6 are combined together with one owner, it becomes an Infinity Gauntlet, giving the owner god-like powers and making him (or her) unstoppable. Or does it?

Here are 4 characters who I think can destroy Thanos, even with the might of the Infinity Gauntlet with him.

1. Dr. Strange

Could Dr. Strange beat Thanos?
Could Dr. Strange beat Thanos?

a.k.a. The Sorcerer Supreme. Dr. Strange is an extremely powerful character, with strong magic abilities. He can almost neutralise the effects of a few of the Infinity Stones such as the Time, Soul, and Mind gems. He can also transform matter, create illusions, teleport, and produce powerful energy blasts, which will prove more than a match for Thanos, Infinity Gauntlet or not. Doctor Strange also has the ability to channel the power of the gods.

2. The Hulk

The Incredible Hulk in action
The Incredible Hulk in action

Who better than the (in the famous words of Tony Stark), "enormous, green rage monster" if you need to hit someone? The Hulk is one of the most physically powerful beings in the Marvel universe. The angrier he gets, the more his strength increases. He is known to have destroyed entire planets and wiped out whole civilisations in just one single punch. Even with the power gem in his hand, Thanos won't be able to match Hulk in strength.

3. Shazam


I like to think of Shazam as kind of a mixture of Captain America and Doctor Strange. Along with the abilities of a super-soldier, some magical abilities, and not to mention super speed, flight, invulnerability, superhuman intelligence, super strength, amongst many other powers. This guy can just about do anything. He would have a good shot against Thanos.

4. Darkseid

Yeah boy!
Yeah boy!

Darkseid is like the Thanos of DC. Both have almost similar powers; super-strength, invulnerability, teleportation, energy blasting abilities, genius intellect, and combat strategy, combined with advanced technology, that about sums up Darkseid. Darkseid also possesses the Anti-Life Equation, which allows him to control and dominate all forms of life, using which he can do some serious damage to anyone, and Thanos is no exception. A match between Darkseid and Thanos should prove to be destructive (you don't say..), and could definitely see Marvel's Big Bad end up on the losing side.

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Who do you think has the best chance to beat Thanos?


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