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Okay guys, here's my video on the Entertainment Weekly edition of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice! I Didn't say everything I wanted, so here you go!

A lot has dropped about DC, and a week before SDCC at that!

There are some people who blew this out of proportion! What I mean is Affleck and Snyder were merely explaining how there cinematic universe is different from Marvel. That being said... there is A LOT to talk about!

  • Metallo would've been the villain for Man of Steel 2
  • "Brianiac was definitely down the road"
  • Justice League script already finished
  • Batman solo film in 2018

Oh, forgot to mention!

Well... I DID SAY GAL LOOKED BETTER in this than on the cover!

It just looks like a bad edit. The best one out of the 3 is Superman! Oh, about that fan made trailer!

Big ups to Zelenks! Great trailer!

In Conclusion: SDCC, and that's all I have to say. However, we are getting so many reveals. There are 3 scenes in the movie that are vaguely described, but I've cover that and other stuff some other time.

What do you think? Are these good pictures? What can we expect from SDCC? Leave a comment!

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