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Matt Bomer as Tony Stark/Iron Man-

Reasoning: He's suave, cocky, and has the looks of Tony Stark.

Jensen Ackles as Captain America-

Reasoning: He's proved his comic book movie worth again and again. He's great at playing the dark, brooding, badass that we all deserve to see in a comic book movie. He actually almost got the role, but Chris Evans beat him out in the final round of auditions.

Milla Jovovich as Black Widow-

Reasoning: She can play the awesome gun toting female badass with a troubled past, that's the definition of Black Widow.

Guy Pearce as Bruce Banner/Hulk-

Reasoning: He has played the scientist with a dark side in Iron Man 3, if he were to put a good guy twist on that character we would have one hell of a Hulk.

Ben McKenzie as Hawkeye-

Reasoning: He has been killing it over on Gotham, given the right writers with Hawkeye's humor, Ben would kill it as the archer.

James Marsden as Thor-

Reasoning: This is the most obscure casting decision but I believe James could follow up Thor. He would obviously have to bulk up. But, I see a ton of Thor-like potential in his acting.

Last but not least!

George Clooney as Nick Fury-

Reasoning: I have no preference over which Nick Fury is used, whether he be Caucasian or African American., as long as the performance is compelling! Samuel L. Jackson has been great and I think Clooney can be just as great!

Thank you everyone for reading, I hope you enjoyed!


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