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Have you ever wondered what facts lie beneath the surface of those styled out Disney villains? Or maybe where the origins of some of their famous faces lie? The Disney villains's presence always adds some sheer terror and fear into any child's heart as they innocently watch the Disney film that their parents are so kindly playing for them.

These 10 facts may just surprise even the most dedicated of Disney fans, the villains' similarities go much further than their cruel personalities and the colors of red, black and purple that they so often wear.

So let's begin...

1. The Evil Queen

In case the name The Evil Queen did not reveal enough about the villain from Snow White, Disney gifted her with a whole other name too. Calling her Queen Grimhilde. I think she must be the first person ever to have the words grim and evil rolled into one name, but this suits this beauty obsessed lady down to a tee!

2. Gaston

Did you know that Gaston had to fight to become the primary villain in the original film of Beauty and the Beast? Belle had an evil aunt called Marguerite who was also considered for the film. Thankfully for Gaston she did not make the cut, so the egotistical Gaston found himself center stage as the main antagonist in Beauty and the Beast.

In Gaston's epic battle with the Beast he was supposed to yell 'Time to die' but Disney decided this would be too frightening so changed it to 'Belle is mine!'

3. Captain Hook

The treasure obsessed Captain Hook is a much loved villain making often stupid and funny decisions, I lost count of the amount of times I thought he was going to seriously harm himself with that hook he so often waves around his face. Disney insisted that the 'world's most famous crook' would not die at the end of Peter Pan, as they knew how much of a crowd pleaser this styled out villain would be.

4. Maleficent and Lady Tremaine

My, my these two look extremely twin-like. These cruel hearted and fashion obsessed ladies have a lot in common. Just look at those sharp chins that could take an eye out if you let 'em, and those judging eyebrows.

But, their similarities go further than their looks or the social parties which they claw their way into...

Did you know that these two villains were based on the actress's, Eleanor Audley, character in the film All That Heaven Allows? Disney even got her to voice both characters.

I can honestly say it blew my mind when I watched this video, it really was like watching a cartoon come to life right before my eyes. Take a look for yourself, here is Eleanor in All That Heaven Allows:

5. Ursula

Ursula's character is mostly created by Disney, we may have never heard of her if it has not been for the creators. In the Hans Christian Andersen story that inspired film, the sea-witch is not a prominent character at all. Can you imagine a Little Mermaid film without her? I sure can't...

Have you ever wondered where Ursula got those fabulous looks from? It is rumored that she was based on the famous and most fabulous drag queen, Divine. Nice work Disney!

6. Man/The Hunter

So the scene is set. Beautiful Bambi is skipping alongside his mother discovering the new world he has recently been born into. Then as if by lightening, very suddenly, Bambi’s mother is killed in the meadow by a hunter.

This scene is probably one of the most tragic and darkest scenes in any Disney movie. Although the hunter only appears briefly and off-screen, he leaves a path of death and destruction behind.

It was revealed in early scrips that Judge Doom, from Who Framed Roger Rabbit was in fact the killer of Bambi's mother. The scene is so dark and tear inducing already and this fact just adds salt to the wound.

7. Governor John Ratcliffe

I guess you can throw the 'it's only a film line' out of the window here because this power-hungry and manipulative cartoon figure was loosely based on a real person. Governor John Ratcliffe actually lived and was a governor and Captain of Discovery ship. Unfortunately, there are no photos of him to show you as he was born in 1549 and photography was not invented back then! But, if you would like to read more click here.

8. Hans and Gaston

These singing men from Frozen and Beauty and the Beast share a lot of similarities. Some may think that they are handsome, but as soon as they open their mouths their cruel and manipulative personalities are revealed. These two both foolishly also try to kill the person who is important to the featured princess, Gaston tries to kill the Beast while Hans was after Elsa. But, did you also know that these brutal men are the youngest male villains in Disney films? Hans is 23 while Gaston is 25 years old.

9. Scar

The name Scar seems pretty legit, especially alongside other strange names that Disney has churned out like Mad Madam Mim, Dopey, Doorknob, and so on. But would Scar's parents have really just called him Scar, it seems a bit of a cruel name to gift a fluffy baby lion with. Scar's name was only created when he received his injury when he tricked a buffalo into attacking Mufasa, which unlucky for him afterwards turned on Scar.

His real name is actually Taka, which is revealed in the little known series The Lion King: Six New Adventures. Scar's name change is probably a welcomed one as it means "trash" or "dirt" in Swahili. Just to add to Scar's luck, his brother's name Mufasa means King.

10) Cruella De Vil

Maleficent starring in her own movie went down a treat with fans, now that fur-loving fiend Cruella will be the next villain to star in her own movie. Disney will be throwing her into her own spot light when she gets her own live-action movie. The movie looks like it'll be in good hands too as it will be scripted by those who did the more recent Cinderella live-action.


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