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Two months after the release of Avengers: Age of Ultron, and it's still playing on my mind. The effortless way that (Lord) Joss Whedon managed to mould such a thrilling summer blockbuster out of a pretty difficult team dynamic is a lesson in screenwriting. I mean there was so much crammed into the film, it's a surprise nearly all of it managed to make sense!

The movie's cyborg antagonist Ultron also managed to strike a chord with me. The hulking design of each stage of its evolution was stunning, as was the typically badass performance by the gravel-voiced James Spader.

Here, take this clip of Ultron in action as a reminder:

But as we know, with every sci-fi and/or fantasy feature comes a shed load of concept art and ideas that will never see the light of day - for better or for worse. Marvel Studios conceptual artist Andy Park has bucked the trend and popped some of his Ultron designs on his Facebook page, and they're all of a terrible beauty.

Here's what Park has to say about them:

These are some initial passes done for the big baddie, Ultron. What a crazy fun project to work on!
I don't get to do the more robotic designs that often here given our resident robot experts in Ryan Meinerding, Phil Saunders, along with Josh Nizzi and Josh Herman. But when I do get a chance I just savor the moment. Too much fun!

Check them out:

6 Shades of Ultron

When Ultron Met Sauron

"Come at me, dad."
"Come at me, dad."

Ultron x Groot

"Your Move, Creep"

Medieval Death-Bot

Fire and Iron

"There Are No Strings On Me"

These pieces of Ultron concept art are utterly sublime, which is no surprise really! Have a look through Andy Park's back catalogue of works and you will be suitably wowed with his eye for detail. It's a shame some of these didn't work out, Ultron could've been truly nightmarish!

What do you think?

(Source: Andy Park/Facebook)


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