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There's something so right-on and admirable about a person who uses their power to highlight social issues, and bravo to Sandra for doing just that.

Openly discussing her dislike for the treatment of women in the media has highlighted a huge issue, and I guarantee you will agree with her.

She graced the cover of People magazines "Most Beautiful" issue earlier this year, and it looks like they made a fantastic choice, as Sandra has proved she is beautiful inside and out.

She agreed to be on the cover, on the condition that she got to speak her mind about her views. She told E News;

"I laughed when [People] said they're gonna be generous and bestow me this wonderful privilege, but I said if I can talk about the amazing women who I find beautiful, which are these women who rise above and take care of business and do wonderful things, and take care of each other, then I'm more than honored to be on the cover of this."

Sandra highlighted the damage that the media does to young women, and the way older women are discussed in the press, which is, let's face it a lot different to the way men are perceived. When a man grows older he gets to take on more mature roles while some actresses find it difficult to find work as they age.

Sandra expressed this on the matter;

"I feel like it's become open hunting season in how women are attacked and it's not because of who we are as people, it's because of how we look or our age," Sandra tells E! News. "I'm shocked -- and maybe I was just naïve, but I'm embarrassed by it. My son is getting ready to grow up in this world and I'm trying to raise a good man who values and appreciates women, and here we have this attack on women in the media that I don't see a stop happening."

She went on to talk about her love for the women in Hollywood, and how they support each other when they face criticism.

"You'd be surprised at the love that you have in our crazy industry. The women have bonded together and have sort of become this tribe of trying to take care of each other and be there for each other in a way, because the minute you step out it's an onslaught."

Also highlighting the pressure that is put on young, impressionable girls and the devastating impact the internet is having on them.

"We are harming girls and women in a way, at a speed that it's scaring me," she adds. " ... Little girls are having the hardest time with bullying and the Internet -- somebody with a very large hand and big voice needs to put a stop to it."


In an age where people are beginning to be fully accepted for who they are, I think it's about time Hollywood caught up and realizes that it isn't ok to degrade older woman, or set unattainable goals for young women. It's a time where diversity should be celebrated.

Not every woman is young, tall and slim, so that must mean that all characters aren't because not every person is. So it's time to shake the stigma! I for one agree with Sandra, it's time to be happy with everyone's right to be individual, grow up, grow older, however they want to!

Take a look at the trailer for The Blind Side that, rightly, got her an Oscar!

source: etonline


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