ByJean Lanning, writer at

Okay, wasn't entirely sure about Sense 8 for the first couple of episodes, but by the third, I was intrigued. Each episode fleshed out & further developed the characters so that by the tenth episode I was walking into the episodes with & routing for them, as new layers were released and revealed. I was tapping into a story & realizing, I really like this show! It's like a great novel, developing right before your eyes page after page. Many people are looking for quick answers & fast plots. But then, fewer people are reading these days as well. None the less, book sales continue, in whatever for you enjoy, so we are out there. Those of us that love good fleshed out characters and plots that thicken and deepen to reveal layers that bind you to both the characters and the plot, will love this show. Slow down, it's story time, history revealed for our time. I believe Sense 8 is a winner that will continue to unmask itself and draw us deeper into a story for our thinking minds, for a generation that is new and differwnt thinking patterns. Not the normal dot to dot programming we have been subject to and thus gotten used to, no. Rather this is a thinking persons action sci-fi. Slow down, and imagine that each episode is another chapter and turn the page one week at a time. I truly believe that this is the kind of programming that can open your mind and transend your ideas with each episode, only deepening these effects with each season. It is a show for our changing minds, set in our time, today, while it speaks to the divers bonding that is occurring in our vastly changing world.


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