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Well, it has been a hot week here at Moviepilot, both in the office and in the amazingly creative posts we've been seeing from new Creators! Fan art was the name of the game this week with a number of stunning works making it on the site.

Even though you're already celebrating the long weekend, take a gander at these kick ass posts that might have slipped you by this week!

Horror Tag: 10 BLOOD SPLATTERED QUESTIONS by Matt Loftus

Horror fans are quite a lucky bunch; given the incredible diversity of the genre, we NEVER run out of gruesome topics to talk about. Well, in his inaugural Moviepilot post, Matt Loftus has put together a fun and interactive video that reminds us of everything we love about horror. Check out his 10 Blood splattered question, and feel free to join the conversation and answer them yourself! If you dare…

The Ultimate James Bond One Liners by Quinn C

The suave and debonair Mr. Bond has provided us with some incredible one-liners from over the years, and creator Quinn C has collected his finest moments in this great video. From killing bad guys to seducing femme fatales, this video will provide you with a line for every occasion.

These Fan Art Illustrations Take Inspiration from Pop Culture Icons, TMNT, Video Games and More by Yamen Elgamal

If you're looking for some unique, multi-fandom fan art, look no further. Egyptian illustrator and MP Creator Yamen Elgamal has immortalised everyone from Mario to Michael Jackson in his work, and has shared some of his favorite pieces from movies, TV, video games and pop culture is this stunning first post.

6 Strange Facts About The Terminator by Charlie Benz

Everyone loves Terminator, that’s a stone cold scientific fact! But there are probably some things not everyone knows about it’s inception. Everything from OJ Simpson nearly being cast as the infamous robotic killing machine, to bizarre, aggressive board room pitches, creator Charlie Benz spills the beans on some of the most entertaining tid-bits on the behind the scenes of one of the most iconic films ever made.

Ballpark Princesses ... Art Meets Disney Meets Baseball! by S. Preston Chuhon

Being a Disney princess can be hard work. Between the search for true love and dealing with evil stepmothers they too deserve some downtime, at the ballpark. Yes, at the ballpark. New MP Creator S. Preston Chuhon has created a series of Disney princesses donning their favorite baseball gear. Any team would be lucky to have Ariel, Merida, Rapunzel, Belle and Tiana cheering for them. Check it out!

Welcome To The Minimalist Series by Paul Wade

Minimalist movie posters are awesome, I think there are even scientific equations that have proven this to be a fact. As simple as they may be they always possess so much thought, style and unique flair. This series from graphic designer Paul Wade, including everyone from Wonder Woman to Rorschack, is no different. Check them out here and be sure to be on the look out for more great artwork from Paul!

Which Shia LeBeouf Are You? by Davey Jay

It has not been a good couple years for Hollywood superstar (and actual cannibal, if the rumors are true) Shia LaBeouf. But the actor is true to his ability to reinvent himself, appearing most recently as a viral motivation video and the resulting meme. Now ask yourself, which incarnation of Shia speaks to you? Take this hilarious quiz and find out!

Criterion+Art by Eisen Bernard V. Bernardo

Philippine fan artist, Bernardo, has a love of mashing up high art and popular depictions of celebrities and film. His art seamlessly incorporates the classic with the most recent stories. Head over to give him a welcome and check out some of his other works!

The Walking Dead's TOP 10 SEXIEST Rick Grimes Moments by Tami Bradley Tackett

Ladies and gentlemen, let's all take a moment to appreciate the hotness that is Rick Grimes. Those electric baby blues will captivate you episode after episode. Luckily we won't have to miss Rick during the TWD hiatus thanks to Creator Tami Bradley Tackett, who has listed some of Rick's sexiest moments. Excuse me while I bask in Andrew Lincoln's gorgeousness.

Children's Art Comes Alive in Spaghetti Toes and Creatureland Studio Projects by Martin Bruckner

Let’s face it, kids are terrible at drawing - they suck at it. That endearing picture of the seaside landscape that little Timmy drew? Yeah try again brainiac! Those incoherent lines and squiggles will only get you so far in the cute-book! One thing they don’t lack in is imagination and that’s what makes this project so unfathomably genius. Martin Bruckner took drawings from 2 - 6 year olds and with some digital magic, love and affection, transformed them into fully fledged works of art, not to mention including some of the children’s adorable quotes in there to boot - “My Tummy Feels Like Bad Guys” - use this in your next work sick note, it may not be too believable but at least you’ll win them over with cute points!

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