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Hi, my name's Liadh (Leah) and I'm new to this so I've no idea what I'm doing. Ok we'll start I guess. Il tell you a bit about myself.

I absolutely love books and movies, they're my hobby, getting stuck into a good book is like going off to your own planet where all your troubles are flung off into space, and getting stuck into a good movie, it feels like you know the characters, like their your best friend! You feel the troubles they have. I've had a lot of troubles, bullying in school was the main thing. It wasn't huge bullying problems, like being physically abused or things, it was the names, the things they'd do, taking my stuff, calling me names. Generally just trying to wind me up. And if there's one thing I've got to say to anyone who is being bullied is: you'll get through it, you're the better person. Anyway enough about that, I'm from Ireland, and no I'm not a leprechaun and I'm proud to be Irish. I love to ride so there might be a few horsey titles in my blogs, oops, sorry! But I do hope you enjoy them,

. Liadh


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