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The Dark Souls franchise has become an international phenomenon with over 8 million copies sold internationally. What a remarkable achievement for FromSoftware and its director, Hidetaka Miyazaki. For those that have been there since Demon's Souls, we've been able to see a fantastic series with incredible gameplay mature and develop. And for those that have joined the Souls series a bit later, or been drawn in by Bloodborne, welcome to the party. PRAISE THE SUN!

With the massive success that From have garnered in recent years, we can expect a number of titles to come our way from their office in Tokyo, Japan - especially seeing as Miyazaki is so adamant about making more games. How do we know? A NeoGaf poster has given us some new info about Dark Souls 3 in the form of a leaked interview with FromSoftware's president.

Dark Souls 3 Boss
Dark Souls 3 Boss

Dark Souls 3: Leaked Interview With FromSoftware's Hidetaka Miyazaki

You can check out the original leak here, but let me condense it for you. For starters, the interview is set to appear in EDGE magazine this month and the first thing that's mentioned is the Dark Souls 3 E3 leak. Ironic that we're getting this information through an additional leak... Anyway, Miyazaki has stated that he was really disappointed by the E3 leak of Dark Souls 3. Therefore, he's been less inclined to discuss the game due to the rug having been pulled out from under him - understandable.

Dark Souls 3
Dark Souls 3

Who's Directing Dark Souls 3?

That being said, the project actually hasn't been his from the beginning. The game has been in development for two years, and while Miyazaki is handling world design and mechanics, Okano is handling day to day production. Additionally, the president is working with Tanimura on the level design for Dark Souls 3.

Perhaps the Dark Souls series won't see Miyazaki return for a directing role now that Bloodborne has been created - perhaps new IPs will be his thing. In any case, Miyazaki states that "the world design [in Dark Souls 3] is similar to Dark Souls & Bloodborne."

It seems that working on Bloodborne has granted Dark Souls 3 a new perspective. With the gothic setting we all enjoyed in Bloodborne feeling like such a fresh take on the Souls formula, Miyazaki states that his appreciation for this new setting may be the defining aspect that makes Dark Souls 3 unique.

Dark Souls 3
Dark Souls 3

Gameplay: What to Expect on the Release Date of Dark Souls 3

Miyazaki briefly described what we can expect to change in when Dark Souls 3 gets its release date:

  • With the new "step back" ability, gameplay will feel far more agile.
  • There's a new attack mode called Ready Stance.
  • New forms of attack include a dual wielded spin complete with a wind up animation.
  • Enemies approach alone or in small groups, from unexpected angles instead of large mobs.
  • The new summoning system will really transform multiplayer.

Not a crazy amount of new information, but I am insanely excited to see what Miyazaki can do with Dark Souls 3. Though that Bloodborne expansion is very enticing. In any case, Miyazaki has humbly stated: "I want to make as many games as I can while my luck's in", expressing surprise in relation to his current success.

So there we have it! Dark Souls 3 is projected to have its release date in 2016, perhaps around the time that we received Dark Souls 2 last year (March). In any case, I can't wait to see what Dark Souls 3 looks like with Bloodborne's influence. Let us know what you think of FromSoftware and Miyazaki in the comments below!


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