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That was not a typo, Batman: Arkham Knight does indeed have a secret intro that involves the Joker. The internet has been awash with Batman: Arkham Knight discoveries over the past week but this is taking top spot!

Fans worldwide have been wondering what influence the Joker will have on [Batman: Arkham Knight](tag:2683936). Sure, there have been a good few easter egg billboards but this little beauty is priceless.

A Secret Intro?

The normal introduction to the game follows the mechanical workings of the incinerator as it crunches into position to incinerate the lifeless body of the infamous DC villain.

When the machine is ready it will give you the command to press any button to begin the cremation of the Joker. Once you hit the button the flames will intensify as they completely consume the Joker. Job Done. Or is it?

Did you notice how earlier I wrote how the Joker lay lifeless, not dead? If you play through the start sequence again but this time wait until the song that plays in the background has finished and then press the button to begin the incineration something truly special will happen.

If timed correctly, the Joker will come to life and scream. As the flames slither across his skin it begins to bubble and melt, the Joker screams again but this time it turns into a disturbed laugh that soon becomes lost in the flames.

Then he speaks again, he says “this is how it happened. This is how the Joker died.” That's right, the Joker was not dead. YOU end up being the one that killed the Joker!

The Secret Intro

A truly brilliant bit of writing there from Rocksteady, who better to kill off the Joker than the fans themselves!

It is worth noting that to access this secret intro, the player must have completed the game, 100% at least once. Just make sure you get the timing right.

Oh and as you see from the above video it can make you jump if your volume is set to full on whatever device you end up watching it on, as mine was.

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