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20th Century Fox understands that about the current X-Men series, which is riding high on the success of X-Men: Days of Future Past. Yet, even before a minute of that movie had screened in theaters, the studio already had plans in place for the next film: X-Men: Age of Apocalypse, set to open on May 27, 2016.

What do we already know about the next X-Men movie? A decent amount, actually, as Bryan Singer has been active on social media during the filming of X-Men: Apocalypse for the past few weeks. It was there that Singer scratched the surface with pics of the set, new heroes and new villains. So let’s slip on our cinematic Cerebro and scan the Internet for up-to-the-minute updates on X-Men: Apocalypse, starting with:


After a multi-year absence from the franchise he helped launch back in 2000, Bryan Singer made his triumphant return for X-Men: Days of Future Past. And by reuniting his original X-Men with the younger X-Men: First Class team, Singer appeared to have laid the groundwork for multiple sequels that could utilize various members of the massive mutant ensemble. Singer has been toiling away on production for X-Men: Apocalypse in Canada, sharing photos of Cerebro and Instagraming concept art for Apocalypse’s ship. He’s hard at work. But on what? Let’s keep exploring!


So, who will the X-Men have to combat? After locking horns with Magneto over the years, and finally coming face to face with Bolivar Trask and his dastardly Sentinels, the X-Men are ready to battle Apocalypse, and we got our first sight of the powerful antagonist in the end-credits sequence of X-Men: Days of Future Past. That brief clip, which showed Apocalypse using his powers to manipulate the Great Pyramid in ancient Egypt, was included to suggest that this mutant has been around for a VERY long time… and at one point in this existence, he was viewed to be a god.

Who is Apocalypse? The Marvel Comics Database reveals that his given name, En Sabah Nur, translates as "The First One," suggesting that Apocalypse might be the first mutant in existence. He was born with grey skin and blue traces around his features, and had powerful gifts from the time of his birth. Apocalypse’s various powers include flight, invulnerability, superhuman strength, teleportation, telekinesis … basically, he’s invincible. His roots trace back to ancient Egypt (hence, the setting of the Days of Future Past clip), and his difficult lifespan included bouts of enslavement, and fierce battles for power. Along the way, he created his Four Horsemen – Pestilence, Famine, War and Death – who were seen in silhouette in the X-Men: Days of Future tease. So while we don’t know how deep into Apocalypse’s rich history the movie will plunge, as there are countless volumes of X-Men comics on which the film can draw (literally, at one point, Apocalypse fights and kills Dracula in the X-Men books), we assume that the evil mutant’s plan to conquer and enslave unworthy mutants will be part of the villain’s on-screen motivations.

Just introducing Apocalypse into this world opens the doors to so many new possibilities – from Cable or X-Factor to the Alliance of Evil – that our heads are swimming with X-Men ideas that easily could keep Fox in business for the next 10 years. And now we know who is playing him! Late last year, Oscar Isaac was handed the villainous role, meaning he will move from Star Wars: The Force Awakens to Singer’s X-Men world. He is becoming a powerhouse in the blockbuster realm. Do you like the casting?

The Original Team

Bryan Singer has said that the story he and Simon Kinberg cooked up leans heavily on Xavier (James McAvoy), Magneto (Michael Fassbender), Beast (Nicolas Hoult) and Mystique (Lawrence), though there will be other supporting mutants – who we’ll discuss in a moment. Kinberg, however, added that the movie "will certainly have some of the original cast involved, too." What does that mean? At the moment, we know that there will be younger versions of beloved heroes Cyclops, Storm and Jean Grey… and they will be played by up-and-coming talents Tye Sheridan, Alexandra Shipp, and Sophie Turner. These actors are in their late-teen years, meaning – again – that Singer is properly laying the groundwork for plenty more X-Men stories with younger versions of these incredible characters without having to worry about luring back Halle Berry, James Marsden or Famke Janssen.


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