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Hollywood Studio Movie Posters have a standard look because of the legal restrictions imposed on them. Stars and directors can contractually restrict where their facial placement can go, how big it can be, even the size of fonts. Most are boring collages of properly sized images with little more than background credits and a tag line.

Alternate movie posters, not being officially sanctioned Hollywood product, don't obey these restrictions. They are lovingly composed pieces of fan art. Most are often better than the originals.

Faye Moorehouse, a British illustrator, tries to break free of legal and composition restraints by designing flowing posters that are rough quaint and entirely uncorrected.

“I find that most modern movie posters are quite boring, and often use photography,” she told The Huffington Post.
“I wanted to show that illustration could do the job just as well,” she said.

The Wonky Movie Poster Show is what Moorehouse calls the water color illustrations she created. They were displayed between April1-May15th at Faye's Espresso Bar in San Francisco. Another Faye owns the bar and loaned her the space when she saw Moorehouse's work on Instagram.

“I paint just films I like, either because they are really crap or really good!”
“My illustration style is very messy and immediate,” she explained. “I don’t do roughs. I aim to capture the “emotion and character”."
"I just wanted to make people laugh or squirm."

Moorehouse hasn't totally rejected the possibility of a Hollywood studio style collaboration. "I would love to," she said when asked the question.

Moorehouse designs book and album covers for a living.

You can find more of Faye Moorhouse's illustrations at her website.

A Bug's Life

Back Draft

Beasts of the Southern Wild

Bitter Lake

Django Unchained


Harry and the Hendersons

Lars and the Real Girl

Little Otik



Stranger by the Lake

Supersize Me

The Birds

The Grand Budapest Hotel

The Lion Ling

The Wolf of Wall Street

Tiny Furniture


Withnail and I

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