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I know there are many plots and storyline posts already but it's easy to tell that they were written by recent flash fan because of the show and all information is based on the show,other posts,or information about it already released. I'm writing an article based on easter eggs and possible events based on whats already happened so to begin i will start with one of my favorite heroes.

Captain Atom

Justice league unlimited captain atom
Justice league unlimited captain atom

Captain Atom is a character who was originally Nathan Adams a pilot in In the US airforce. Aftef being framed for a crime he did not commit he was left with 2 choices death or to participate in the armies attempt at a super soldier. After seemingly disinergrating he returned as an energy based hero with enhanced strength,flight, capable of absorbing and controling large amounts of energy and transmutation simaler to firestorm. General Eiling realizing his abilities does what every paranoid and controlling general does and attempts to force him to work for the army and for a breef period succeds. After learning the project that created him was repeated creating his enemy Major Force and clearing his name he then resigns from the airforce to join the justice league.

Now i am not sure if it's going to happen exact like that if it did occur but i would love it if it did. Most likely he'll have been created to fight metahumans based upon the information about firestorm they had stolen from Stines when they had him in custody. Eventually he will cross paths with flash,firestorm or both possibly even more heroes in an effort to force them to register to the goverment. I can already tell some of you who are familiar with the character know he's capable of going toe to toe with the likes of superman so he'd be too over powered for that universe. Well happily you are incorrect captain atom is simply a more powerful and expiernced firestorm so they shouldn't have a problem recreating the character. Also they have already introduced the character under a diffrent name look for a refrence to him in the episode plastique on flash.


Giganta in justice league taking down wonder woman
Giganta in justice league taking down wonder woman

In the DC animated universe (DCAU) she was a young gorilla that had been genetically altered by gorilla grod. In her new humanoid form she had increased intellegencd and the ability to change size. She was a close allie of grod and a member of the secret society. In her original creation she was a scientist who do to her careless experiments end up in the body of a test gorilla. Desperate to be human she kidnaps a woman capable of altering her size and switches minds with her. Some form of a combination of that would be exciting to watch.

I believe she would be a great addition to the DCTV universe do to the fact that It would allow an arc where they fully delve into the genius that is grod. Having throughout the series small scenes one possibly showing an escaped baby gorilla news report or the actual escape,or grod stealing from the atom in order to manipualte palmer tech to allow her to grow until the midseason or finale of the show. Where the duo makes their epic debut either seeking revenge on flash or upon human kind in general.

Secret society/ injustice league/legion of doom

DCAU incarnation of the league led by lex luthor
DCAU incarnation of the league led by lex luthor

Some form of a huge alliance of supervillians would be great at this point of the shows. It would be the perfect point to infroduce the idea of a permanent team of heroes not saying they'll nessicarily do it but the fact that eventially a threat unlike any other forcing a group of earths mightiest heros to unite against a single threat none could face on their own. Similar to what they did with the reverse flash with the firestorm,flash,green arrow team up or what they're going to do with the legends of tomorrow against vandal savage. My ideal team would be grod,captain cold,merlyn,deathstroke,weather wizard and killer frost if when shes introduced. Also if i'm right then also giganta

Justice guild/society/league

Speaking of a team up an official justice league or sometging similar i realize they are already doing it in legends of tomorrow but i have my own personal dream team. The team should have flash,firestorm,green arrow,the atom,hawkgirl, and a variable player one that could possibly cause chaos from within the team and on the battle field. I picked these heros due to the fact they each bring diffrent talents or amplify those of the others on the team. Green arrow because he's the most experinced hero to date besides wildcat who i left out due to the fact he didn't meet the profile nessacary for me. The flash mainly because he's always been a founding member also because he's got both brain and brawn. Firestorm because of his near infinite potential and power that we've yet to fully see in this continuity plus as indivisuals they're extremely smart scientists. The Atom is on my list because of the fact that a super hero team needs some form of funding also his armor is great for straight forward battle and stealth operations. Hawkgirl would be perfect dud to her being a rare breed of hero who can fly and the knowledge and battle expiernce she has from centeries of reencarnation would be valuable. I have no idea who the 7th member should be but it should be someon who is unlike the other characters who's motivation and origins are questionable as to have doubt from the other characters i thought vixen would be an excellent choice.


Which one would you want


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