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I hate picking sides. Every person deserves to select which franchise they want to follow, what they prefer and what they ultimately desire to receive from a football game. But I guess I have picked sides when it comes to PES 2016 vs FIFA 16 - and there's one dominant reason for that! But aside from the political choices behind picking up a football game in 2015, there are legitimate gameplay reasons too.

PES 2016 has already received some glowing reports from gaming publications and those that had the opportunity to try it at E3. I'll briefly run us through some of the statements that gaming journalists have made regarding what could turn out to be the best sports game of 2015!

PES 2016
PES 2016

PES 2016 Has Some Glowing Reviews Before its Release Date!

First off, let's take a very quick look at the new features that PES 2016 is promising us for its release date on the 15th of September later this year:

  • Konami have sought to seriously improve the Collision System in PES 2016!
  • PES 2016 will also have improved Aerial duals where players can have more control over how they go for a header in 50/50 situations.
  • The game will feature a wide range of “1v1 Control” movements which will depend on the skills of the player. The best feature is the fact that the response time has been improved, which means players can pull off feint moves and loads of other skill moves with better control.
  • They've changed the camera so that the pitch is larger, making the game more accessible and they've worked on the visuals so that they look less washed out.
  • Artificial Intelligence, defending capabilities and such have also been upgraded. While new IDs has been included for the goalkeepers where different goalkeepers will react differently in same situations.
  • Just like in FIFA, PES 2016 has included control over players goal celebrations - Totti taking a selfie confirmed!
  • Dynamic Weather has finally been included in the game.
  • With new ball physics, PES 2016 will have better ball control
PES 2016
PES 2016

PES 2016 Has Some Awesome Gameplay!

With these features aside, let's see what gaming officials had to say about their actual implementation on the XBOX One and PS4. For starters, Konami's booth at E3 2015 was highly praised - quite strange considering all of the hate they've been getting lately over Kojima and Silent Hills. But [Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain](tag:2683985) on display alongside PES 2016, gamers seemed to really enjoy the opportunity to engage with them both.

Chad Goodmurphy, writing for "We Got This Covered" stated:

"If you’ve followed my reviews of both FIFA and Pro Evolution Soccer over the past few years, you’ll know that, after two years of average review scores, PES scored a fantastic number last year."

This is something we saw throughout the industry. PES 2015 really surprised a lot of sports fans, even taking home best sports game of the year from certain publications, like IGN. But Goodmurphy felt confident in saying that PES 2016 would have no problem in claiming that title once more.

PES 2016
PES 2016

Other members of the press were confident in throwing round statements like: "Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 looks and plays like an armchair footballer’s dream." "The AI is smarter than ever." "It’s shaping up to be an incredibly realistic, fun, beautiful and immersive sim." The issue that held PES back from being a more internationally successful franchise was that it was often considered to be the more difficult football game to grasp.

Now it seems that Konami have found the perfect balance between realism and commercialism. PES 2016 looks like a fantastic football sim and I can't wait to get my hands on it on its September release date!


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