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Today, I am giving my opinion on how Misty Knight can fit into the MCU, and the one person who I think should play her. I think that she's a very awesome character, and I'd like to see her interact with other characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. So, let's get started!


Misty Knight was a police officer with the NYPD. And one day, she was preventing a bomb attack and it blew off her right arm which then had to get amputated. And after she resigned from the force, Tony Stark then provided her with a bionic arm, giving her superhuman strength. Soon after meeting Spider-Man and Iron Fist, she and her friend Colleen Wing started a private detective agency called Nightwing Restorations Ltd. After meeting Iron Fist, they fell in love.

She then first met and fought Luke Cage, AKA Power Man. After their encounter, Nightwing Restorations Ltd. went on to help the Heroes for Hire. During the Civil War, Misty and Colleen were contacted to help Iron Man and reform the Heroes for Hire to help track down superhumans who refused to register. After the Civil War, Hydra planned a terrorist attack. As she and two others went to help Iron Fist, he said "I love you Misty, but I made a lousy boyfriend." From then on they were still committed to each other, despite their disagreement on the Superhuman Registration Act.

She is skilled in martial arts and hand-to-hand combat. She has superb detective skills and has a near-perfect aim with firearms. Her bionic arm displays telepathic capabilities, and can release a concentrated beam of cryogenic energy.

Ways on How She Can Fit Into the MCU

She could be in the upcoming Netflix series, either Netflix's upcoming series [A.K.A. Jessica Jones](tag:1168773), Luke Cage, or even Iron Fist. It could be before she gets her bionic arm and can be a police officer helping the heroes chase the villains. She could be an officer that Jessica talks to during the show. Or she can cameo in Iron Fist and can be name-dropped by Danny. Or she could be the one that can send Luke Cage to Seagate Prison in a flashback sequence.

In Season 3 of [Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.](tag:722469), they could show her but by using a different actress instead of Beyoncé. Maybe Coulson and Skye could go to the police station and get files from her about a character the agents are chasing. Then, at the end of the same episode, the agents are watching a news report about an officer being critically injured in a bomb attack, then showing footage of Misty being picked up by paramedics.

Also, if this possibly happens, she can appear alongside the Defenders if they show up in any part of [The Avengers: Infinity War](tag:738027).

It's could be too late for a cameo in [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409), but maybe an Easter egg at least. Maybe a cop arresting Captain America at the end of the movie can be Misty, but would only be called by her last name.

Now, my choice for Misty Knight is the one and only....


The queen!!
The queen!!

For some time, rumors have been circulating that real-life superhero Beyoncé is going to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe and in an Avengers movie. She's been considered for many roles, I'd like to see her as Misty. To me, Misty has an attitude that we've already seen on screen before, in Austin Powers in Goldmember, where she played Foxxy Cleopatra.

I'm Foxxy Cleopatra, and I'm a whole lotta woman!
I'm Foxxy Cleopatra, and I'm a whole lotta woman!

She could be the perfect Misty Knight, and it would be so cool if Beyoncé would indeed play her. And she could interact real well with all the other characters in the MCU.

What did you think? Is there another person that could play Misty Knight better than Beyoncé? Make sure to comment your choice below, and like, share, and follow! Thanks for reading!


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