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Adam C. Weisel

This is what it comes down to? Almost six years since one of the most charasmatic, sweetest and talented young actors of this generation suddenly lost her life! A life reduced to blurbs and blog posts of suspicion and conspiracy! Brittany Murphy was defenitely acknowledged and puzzled over for awhile. But that disgraceful Lifetime movie which was a slap in the face to her considering the work Murphy did for that subpar network towards the end of her life! I can't believe talents like Sherilynn Finn contributed to that travesty! I understand there was a biography on her from Lifetime post mortem but it wasn't repeated as much as that shit movie! I wasn't there that day and I don't know the facts as is the situation with the general public with many of these unfortunate Hollywood deaths! But all I do know is that Murphy was not a hard drug user, did have some medical problems and their could have been a legitimate way she would have overdosed on antihistamines or other non prescription medications! However after Monjack died shortly after and hearing about his relationship with Murphy's mother I do think her death was the result of one of two things! Monjack was rumored to have been doing shady business deals with scumbags who might have killed both him and Brittany out of revenge for losing money! Or Murphy's mother was romantically involved in Monjack and poisoned her for the insurance! Either way I understand Murphy's father has been trying to reopen the case but it seems like the lack of movement discourages my hope that it will be! Like many other young actors Brittany Murphy shouldn't have died period and I am confident would have revived her career eventually through music which she was apparently venturing into or a renaissance as they call it these days, of her acting career maybe in her mid thirties or forties! She was able to do accents, could do comedy and drama! She was a dancer and loved many genres of music! Well never know what she truly would have accomplished with her gifts! That along with her statements about wanting to really have children soon before dying just destroys me! I had so many hopes to see her get older and her roles to become better and maybe even go down as one of the best of her time! It was bad enough seeing her have that fling with the lesser talented Eminem and not so much with Ashton Kutcher but the fact that after hearing about her many relationship pitfalls and career lows the fact that it would never get better, ever created a depression in me that may never subside! Especially when I see reality garbage bottom feeders like the Kardashians as well as lesser ungrateful celebrities then Brittany getting so much attention these days! If there is any way we can truly find out what happend to Murphy that night in December years ago it has to happen! That case should be reopened and if Simon Monjack and Lin Murphy are responsible for killing that extraordinary young woman may there be a little section just for them in hell!


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