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Let me first begin by saying that I am a fan of DC as well as Marvel.However, of late, MCU has depreciated in terms of entertainment value and DCU has become more interesting.

What has happened to Marvel???

I guess it started with the phase two movies of MCU. The phase one was focused on establishing the heroes who were part of avengers and end it with bringing them together to fight a common enemy -loki+chitauri army. No problem with staying in a light tone with those movies. But when we reach second phase movies - all those movies were a little more darker. However, the last release Avengers - age of ultron - broke the darkness and ended up being a fun filled action entertainer. The major problem with this approach is that, it broke the continuity of the phase two theme. It had a major villain in form of Ultron and there was a heavy scope of display of darkness but it floundered away. A villain of the likes of Ultron isn't supposed to make jokes but rather kick the asses of the avengers. It didn't look that formidable as it did in the comic books. The X-Men took a better approach by introducing the sentinels that were so formidable that the heroes had to find some way around them rather than face them head on and lose.

DC has made the right moves

The first movie of this movie universe was released a couple of years back. Then DC announced that the next movie would be - batman v superman in 2015 which was further pushed to 2016.The patient approach is paying off for them. It's giving them time to think about the stories and the correct approach to introduce the rest of the super heroes. And, also, it's making people thirsty for their movies. I wouldn't be surprised if it earns more than avengers age of ultron in a quick time.

The main difference between Marvel and DC

Marvel management is following a approach that'll take them down. I have written an article on this.

Marvel is more focused on introducing more superheroes into the mix rather than developing a better storyline. More superheroes means less screen time for the heroes means less character development means less entertainment.

DC however, is more focused on developing a better storyline than churning out two movies a year and working-on-a-deadline approach.

Marvel, in my opinion can become more patient and think about its strategy since its still in the lead . It'll be a poor idea if Thanos becomes a joking character (in infinity war movies )while he is thrashed around like a ball by the avengers.


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