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PLOT. Ty simpkins and nick robinson plays Gary & Zach Mitchell, two teenage Brothers sent away by they're Parents, two spend a holiday weekend with they're Aunt, Claire Dearing . played by Bryce dallas howard Whose parks operations Manager at jurassic world, who is so busy, that she sends her own asisstant manager to meet her two Nephews.

Claire takes her orders from Simon masrani the C e o of masrani corporation. and Owner of Jurassic world, masrani is played by Irrfan Khan, Owen Grady is the expert trainer played by Chris pratt , whose the main guy that can communicate with the Dinosaurs.

A genetically modified dinosaur called indominus rex has the D n a of several predatory dinosaurs, which Dr. Henry wu Chief geneticist for the dinosaurs played by b.d wong , keeps the information classified, Things fall apart when the indominus dinosaur can't be found in it's containment Area, Owen grady and two staff members go in the area to find it, Not knowing the Animal is still inside, waiting to attack it's prey, them. owen grady is the only one who manages to escape , But the indominus is on the loose indangering everybody and everything in it's path.

The parks head of security, Vic hoskins played by Vincent d' onofrio was waiting for this Golden opportunity for hell to brake loose, so that he can use his powerful force of military men to either capture and control the dinosaurs for war purposes.

However the real stars of this film, are the dinosaurs, Not so surprising, the film grossed $500 million world wide in a single weekend. And the Fastest to Acquire $ i billion. making it the Third film of 2015 to accomplish this box office number. This was expected especially for fans having to wait for some years for this film.


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