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This year is quite a year of spy movies with the release of: Spectre, Spy and The Man From Uncle. We all know that the ultimate spy is the charming and impeccable James Bond. Who could take him? I'll delve into a list that could give Mr. Bond a run for his money.

1. Agent 47

Agent 47 or as some know him as, Hitman is an assigned contract killer born and bred to assassinate. He has heightened strength, speed and agility and he can snipe better than most. His skills of subduing people and taking their clothes could be great to getting close to Mr. Bond.

2. Mrs Smith

James Bond is iconic for having ''Bond Girls" but in this case Bond can be a Smith Boy... Bond wouldn't be able to resist the seduction of Angelina Jolie and she shows in Mr and Mrs Smith that she is more than a pretty face and nice body because she completely kept Bradd Pitt on his game. In most scenes she was even the better spy! A welcome addition to the anti-Bond team.

3. Harry Hart (Kingsman)

Harry Hart would say "Manners maketh man." and his kind of efficiency and professionalism would be a vital boost in the teams task of defeating Mr Bond. His fighting skills that were shown in that church scene is enough convincing to be put on the list.

4. Sam Fisher (Splinter Cell)

Anybody who has played the Splinter Cell games will know how lethal Sam Fisher can be. He is incredibly acrobatic and a slick agent capable of fierce damage in hand-to-hand combat. Tom Hardy is donning the nightvision goggles in the movie adaptation in 2017.

5. Naked Snake (MGS)

If any of you played Metal Gear Solid: 3, Peace Walker or Ground Zeroes you will be familiar with Big Boss a.k.a Naked Snake. He is a master tactician and survival expert. If bond is ever in a place where he cant be seduced or accessed by Hitman/Harry then Snake is the go to guy. He can sneak around better than anybody else and he can fight using CQC in close quarters.

What do you guys think? Would these 5 stealth experts be able to defeat the iconic Bond? Comment on how you think it would play out and don't forget to follow my page!


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